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Conference Room Tables and Computer Conference Tables -
Custom Conference Room Designs by SMARTdesks to keep your teams connected.

  • Vista80 Video Collaborative Learning Conference Table
    Vista80—customized for your technology and interior design choices

    The Vista on the left was customized for Gulf Coast State College according to their technology selections. It features laminate surfaces with wood edge molding. On the right, Vista is presented with laminate surfaces, PVC edges and the HuddleVu HDMI laptop video switcher that lets presenters select their latop for group view by simply pressing a color coded button. Very intuitive.

  • Trapeza modular collaborative conference table system
    Trapezoid elements make interactive geometries for collaborative conference

    On your left is a collaborative conference table shaped as an equilateral triangle. Each user space is offset from the center for comfortable feng shui arrangement. Each user is served with USB and 110VAC power by VersaPad. Other power and data connectivity options are available. On the right is a multi-level conference table arrangement that also demonstrates pop-up connectivity. The Villa serves each user with power and data. This also demonstrates the hexagonal arrangements that may also be made.

  • A line-of-sight collaborative conference table with 10 multi-use flipIT workstations

    A Piano10 conference table sets a forward-thinking tone, orchestrating people and technology in perfect harmony. Ten flipIT monitor supports or flipIT Laptop Safes bring multi-use functionality to the table. Screens are presented below the horizon for unubstructed sight lines to people, video or data screens and cameras used in teleconferencing. They rotate under the table instantly to eliminate visual clutter and extend the usefulness of the work space.
  • Piano5 collaborative teleconference tablewidth="1400"
    Piano5+1 showing flipIT Laptop Safe® and technology access

    Perfect for one-camera teleconferencing, everyone is in the camera's angle of view. The table on the left shows the working position of the "Piano Lid" which lets cords pass from the technology chamber to the top. When such items as conference phones or cameras are not required, they can easily be stowed in the chamber. The same table on the right shows the lid raised for access. The flipIT FIL-18 Laptop Safes are shown deployed for use. This configuration is Piano5+1, having an 6th station on the wide end of the table, which is optional. flipIT monitor mounts for LCDs or VESA compatible All-In-Ones may also be specified. Piano5 has five positions, which is the customary design. This is the thermofoil finish treatment. Laminate with wood edge moulding is also available at a higher price.

  • A Piano with 14 flipIT workstations, plus coordinated cabinets

    Two triangular piano lids raise to permit access to small components and cabling. The main image shows 14 flipIT multi-use workstations. Along the far wall are credenzas that coordinate with the MVC Video Conferencing Podium, outfitted with microphone and flipIT with rackmount technical storage and lockable access front and back. Along the right wall is the eMotion motorized monitor lift credenza with technical storage cabinets. The main image show the thermofoil finish reatment, while the detail on the right shows laminate surfaces with stained wood edge, flipIT with black lid, closed.
  • SMARTdesks Piano18 computer conference table with flipIT multi-use monitor mounts
    18 seats with independent multi-use workstations— a think tank

    This powerful space for collaboration is the product of the SMARTdesks Design Department working closely with the IT Director at Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union, coordinating with the SMARTdesks engineering and product design team. The Piano Collaborative Conference Table can be designed a number of ways to accommodate the space, the technology, the budget-and always-the corporate image.

  • SMARTdesks Exchange Collaborative Learning Conference Tables and FFIT raised computer floor
    SMARTdesks Exchange Collaborative Conference Tables: Pinwheels!

    And look at that beautiful carpeting: The SMARTdesks FFIT Computer Floor has been engineered to this space to integrate power and data from the facilites to the furnioture and users in the space under the floor. The FFITfloor goes over existing floor or concerete without demolition, and eliminates the need for core drilling. Move the tables and move their power and data connections without specialized labor or tools.

  • SMARTdesks Collab Collaborative Learning Conference Table3 with flipIT Multi Use Laptop Safe
    Collab Conference Tables by SMARTdesks: Designed and Engineered for People and Technology

    This Ivy League Med School selected SMARTdesks to customize the Collab Conference Table design to include robust wire management features and AV integration. Collab facilitates a direct, conversational relationship between students and faculty, provides easy access to technology, avoids passivity and promotes active student engagement. Features flipIT Laptop Safe for multi-use capability.

  • SMARTdesks Exchange Collaborative Learning Classroom Conference Tables in Open Plan Classroom
    Chicago's Walt Disney Magnet School chose Exchange for their Open Plan Arts and Technology Space

    Customized Exchange Collaboration Tables with rimless FlipIT Multi-Use Monitor Mounts, FIK-23R, for VESA compatible Dell All-In-Ones. HorizonLine Computer Lab Tables with FIK-23R. Space also includes carpeted computer floor supplying power and data to workstations in the space. The SMARTdesks Design Studio provided floor plans, complete with engineering drawings for installation.

  • Piatto Computer Conference Table with rectangular ends
    Piatto Customized Computer Conference Tables: Rectangular Shape

    Piatto Custom Computer Conference Tables are configured to your conference space for computer, laptop, AV, and mobile device usage. The flipIT System transforms the way your desktop is organized for computing, writing and communicating. The flipIT mounts your LCD monitor in a semi-recessed position for use, and rotates it under the desktop when it needs to be stowed.

  • Piatto Boat Shape Conference Table

    Favored for having non-parallel sides, this is an excellent shape for non-confrontational body language and leadership positions. Based on room size, number of people to be accommodated, and technology to be integrated, please allow the Design Studio to help you select the size, base system, connectivity options and wire management best suited.
  • Arched end Piatto computer  conference table with Multi-Use flipIT laptop safe or flipIT monitor mounts
    Piatto conference table with Arched Ends, customized for your technology choices

    Arched ends and contemporary styling, with flipIT Laptop Safe®, installed at NYC Department of Records.

Office Computer Conference Tables with flipIT® Multi-Use Options
piano 5 collaborative laptop computer conference table 5 seats
Piano10 Collaborative Learning Conference Table by SMARTdesks
SMARTdesks Piano14 multi-use, multimedia computer conference table 14 seats
Piano18 SMARTdesks computer conference table 18 seats
SMARTdesks Piatto rectangular conference table with flipIT multi-use monitor mounts optional
Piatto laptop computer conference table with arched ends
Piatto boat shaped computer conference table with wire management and computer cable connection boxes for power and data
Piatto computer conference table with racetrack ends and options for flipIT multi-use monitor mounts and computer cable connection boxes
Collaborative Multi-Media Video Conference Tables
SMARTdesks Boost video collaboration conference table with HDMI video switching and flipITlift motorless monitor lift
Vista80 video collaboration table with HDMI video switcher and wire management
Quark Qstar5 mobile height adjustable conference tables
SMARTdesks Collab6 collaborative learning conference tablewith options for LCD monitor arms, flipIT monitor Mounts and laptop connector boxes
Modular Collaborative Conference Tables for Office and Education
SMARTdesks Exchange collaborative learning conference tables for open plan flexible arrangement of collaboration interactive shapes
iGroup collaborative learning table system for making interactive conference tables with interactive geometry
Trapeza trapezoid modular collaboration tables form interactive collaborative learning tables
Modular Motif laptop conference tables by SMARTdesks

SMARTdesks.com offers more
than just buying computer lab desks or conference tables as a generic commodity. We speak your language. And with technology integration, change is the only constant. Because we make each technology furniture item to order, we have the opportunity to constantly update our design specs and our knowledge base for the latest and best practices. We offer person to person design team interaction and collaboration with our customers. Together, project by project, we are shaping conferencing and education for the 21st century.

Every Space is Different
SMARTdesks computer desk, computer lab and conference table solutions are configured for your technology integration, architectural space and communication objectives.

When you are looking for a full scale classroom, computer lab furniture or conference room design solution, think SMARTdesks. A review of our modern, contemporary technology furniture designs tells you that we think "outside the box." And that's because our customers always do. Our specialty is designing for your space and pulling together our teams in collaboration with your IT integrators.

Design Interaction in a Cloud
We assist our clients using cloud-based technology to exchange ideas, concepts & drawings. In this holistic, integrated cloud platform, we form project based teams to develop configured solutions for each need, collaboration space, and use of technology for each environment. Start a chat with our SMARTteam now.

Conference Room & Computer Lab Classroom Design
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We enable our customers to participate in real-time collaboration with the sales, engineering, and design teams at SMARTdesks by using our superb cloud collaborative platform. This platform fosters a project-specific, organized collegial approach to meet "room by room" requirements for the computer lab furniture client. Integrative design collaborations are unencumbered by coordination of schedules because all teams communicate directly through a single project pipeline. Our technical department can also work with the customers' IT staff to configure connection boxes with the proper power, telecommunications, and cable connections. Any computer, laptop, tablet, and video conferencing equipment will directly plug and play into the SMARTdesks' conference room furniture.

Collaborative Learning, Problem Solving & Project Management
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Unique reconfigurable geometries such as iGroup® and exchange™ computer lab desks create eLearning communities within for mission critical collective problem solving. Smartdesks also produces a full menu of steel and wood products including height-adjustable computer tables in our Cirrus™ product line, conference tables, computer lab furniture and standard classroom design furniture.

All our furnishings function perfectly with our turnkey "Floor Furniture Integration Technology" (FFIT) solution. The FFIT system both installs and reconfigures easily without any specialized labor. All power connections are UL approved and pre-engineered for the specific room size, technical IT configuration, and coordinated to a furnishings space plan. Because FFIT is not a construction process, SMARTdesks' coordinates and guarantees delivery and deployment of user's space in an expedited time frame.

21st century technology poses both the challenge and the opportunity to develop new-age learning methodologies. SMARTdesks' unique ability to design and assemble a holistic learning space makes it nimble and responsive to keep pace with current technology. We specialize in classrooms, conference spaces and offices that effectively meet customer needs while providing the most current and advanced technology and furniture integration on the market.

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