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Classroom Colorizer

You can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your training environment by choosing colors that stimulate learning without causing glare or distracation. In addition, the way students feel about the classroom will affect their confidence and productivity.

We know that selecting finishes with so many choices can be a daunting task. Our designers have selected several color combinations that may be perfect for your classroom. Choose them by Combo Name or use them as a basis to build your own.

The Design Studio Recommends (suggested combinations for a fresh new look...)

WilsonArt 4744-60 Karratha Brush CP56533 Wild Cherry S-445 Almond
Karratha Brush Combo NEW
Karratha Brush/Wild Cherry/Almond
Pionite AB-191 Blue Sandstone WT3922 Fusion Maple S-429 Brittany Blue
Blue Sandstone Combo NEW
Blue Sandstone/Fusion Maple/Brittany Blue
Formica 7741-58 Brushed Nickel CP1066 Folkstone S-565 Storm
Buffed Nickel Combo NEW
Buffed Nickel/Folkstone/Storm
Pionite AP-351 Hearts of Stone CP1005 Black S-508 Custom Gray
Hearts of Stone Combo NEW
Hearts of Stone/Black/Custom Gray
Pionite AV-951 Unforgetable CP1187 Teal W-268 Fusion Maple
Unforgetable Combo NEW
Unforgetable/Teal/Fusion Maple
WilsonArt 4821-60 Barcoo Brush WT3413 Natural Oak S-405 Black
Barcoo Brush Combo NEW
Barcoo Brush/Natural Oak/Black
Pionite AB-251 Venetian Fresco CP7913 Captiva Maple S-566 Impala
Ventian Fresco Combo NEW
Ventian Fresco/Captiva Maple/Impala
Pionite AT-141 Mr Sandman CP6366 Windsor Walnut W-190 Gunstock Walnut
Mr Sandman Combo NEW
Mr Sandman/Windsor Walnut/Gunstock Walnut
Formica 7742-58 Titanium Tread CP1379 Red S-508 Custom Gray
Titanium Tread Combo NEW
Titanium Tread/Red/Custom Gray
Pionite AG-491 Satisfaction CP1125 Blue S 565 Storm
Satisfaction Combo NEW
Pionite AV-200 Spruce Talc CP1619 Hunter Green W-391 Natural Oak
Spruce Talc Combo NEW
Spruce Talc/Hunter Green/Natural Oak
Pionite AV-741 Slate Impressions CP2514 Almond W-372 Mahogany
Slate Impressions ComboNEW
Slate Impressions/Almond/Formal Mahogany
Pionite AG-471 Cinder Gray Concrete CP1242 Marigold S-508 Custom Gray
Cinder Gray Concrete Combo NEW
Cinder Gray Concrete/Marigold/Custom Gray
Pionite AT-151 Rhinestone Cowboy wt3645 Mahogany S-445 Almond
Rhinestone Cowboy Combo NEW
Rhinestone Cowboy/Mahogany/Almond
Pionite AV-841 Evergreen Tapestry CP1624 Silverpine W-268 Fusion Maple
Evergreen Tapestry ComboNEW
Evergreen Tapestry/Silverpine/Fusion Maple
WilsonArt 4745-60 Maroochy Brush CP1005 Black A-69 Samba in Rio
Maroochy Brush Combo NEW
Maroochy Brush/Black/Samba in Rio
WilsonArt 4822-60 Beryl Brush CP1026 Graphite S-557 White
Beryl Brush Combo NEW
Beryl Brush/Storm/White
Pionite AG-371 Cardamon Fiber CP1383 Wineberry S-445 Almond
Cardamon Fiber Combo NEW
Cardamon Fiber/Wineberry/Almond
  Pionite ag251 Gray SpektrumCP1005 Black S548 Custom Gray
Gray Spektrum Combo
Gray Spektrum/Black/Custom Gray
  Pionite AG-291 Gray Santos CP1005 Black S548 Custom Gray
Gray Santos Combo
Gray Santos/Black/Custom Gray
Pionite WW-971 Gunstock Walnut CP1005 Black S548 Custom Gray
Gunstock Walnut Combo
Gunstock Walnut/Black/Custom Gray

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