SMARTdesks™ FI Series Product Specs

DFI-883030-TKF Double Station flipIT™ Integrated LCD Monitor Workstation patent pending

Materials and Construction Specifications

FI Monitor Panel Opening ö Two - 19"w x 15"d with PVC edges to conform to flipIT™ monitor support panel. Sized to accept up to 17" LCD Panel.

flipIT™ Monitor Support Panel ö Two - 19"w x 15"d plywood panel laminated both sides with high-pressure decorative laminate to match top surface and banded in 3mm PVC. Mounts in Monitor Panel Opening using patent pending flipIT™ hinging system.

flipIT™ Mechanism ö Combination of dual-control arms and dampening cylinders that actuate monitor panel rotation through extension or retraction of keyboard platform.

Keyboard Platform with Pullout Mousing Surface ö Two - Pullout platform 21"w x 10"d, 27ä above floor. Keyboard actuates flipIT™ mechanism. Finished to match base panel and edge trim. Swivel or side-pullout mousing surface for right or left-hand use.

Tower CPU Bay ö Two, on right of each station. Accommodates mid-tower CPU cases up to 10"w x 24"d x 22"h.

Top Surface - 0.048" thick, high-pressure laminate (exceeds performance requirements of NEMA 3-1995 Grade HGS) bonded to 30mm thick 50 lb. medium density particleboard with phenolic resin impregnated backer sheet. All edges are banded in 3mm thick, color-thru PVC mechanically applied under pressure and heat.

Base Panels - 0.020" thick melamine coated finish thermally fused to both sides of 19mm thick 47 lb. medium density particleboard. All exposed edges (including bottom edges in contact with the floor - to prevent water damage) are banded in 3mm thick, color-thru PVC mechanically applied under pressure and heat.

Construction ö European 32mm woodworking technology employing steel-to-steel pin and cam connections (thru-drilled for full panel integrity) where needed to provide durability, ease of assembly and modularity.

Ventilation öPanels are assembled to permit adequate airflow around components.

Floor Glides - All units are provided with standard adjustable 1’ä steel leveling glides with vinyl shield attached to metal inserts in the vertical support panels. 3/4" height edjustment range.

Integral Wire Managementú - Vertical and horizontal wire channeling, 80mm side access grommets are positioned to align with other components and wall power/data access points.

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