SMARTdesks™ Motif FI Configuration Specs


FI-96/144-5A   "C" Configuration with Single Station Inside. Nine Station flipIT™ LCD Monitor Conference Table without overhangs.

Overall Dimensions - Keyboards Retracted:   96"wide x 144"long
Overall Dimensions - Keyboards Extended:   116"wide x 154"long


(4) FTI-723030-TKF Two station modules with 20"d side panels, 2-10"w x 20"d tower CPU bays (to right of each user), Keyboard/mouse-tray activated flipIT™ mechanisms, Mounting hardware for 15" - 18" LCD display, Integral wire management.

(1) FTI-363030-TKF Single station module with 20"d side panels, 10"w x 20"d tower CPU bay (right), Keyboard/mouse-tray activated flipIT™ mechanism, Integral wire management.

NOTE: For materials and construction, see individual module specifications

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