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HD Conferencing Studio
Teleconferencing Table for Video Teleconferencing & Telepresence

Video teleconferencing (VTC), webinars, and visual collaboration are enabled by Piano's design which integrates computers into the conference table. Piano's Computer Conference Table System is scaleable for video teleconferencing groups in existing board room spaces, transforming them into HD teleconferencing studios.

flipIT® Convertible Desktop US Patent No. 7,784,412
flipIT® Laptop Safe US Patent No. 7,757,612

To get a quote on this HD Conferencing Studio as a complete package, go to PriceQuote and view HD Conferencing Studio. You may also specify any computer conference table for the Piano™ Concerto 5. See also:
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Let us help you design your Computer Conference Table and your space.

Click on Design Request and give us your room dimensions, the technology choices (if known) and how you want to use the space. Design services are no cost and no obligation.


Monitor Lift Cabinet Brochure

Click to download the pdf Brochure

Conference Room Design Request form for floor plan
HD Conference Studio Design Request

Create effective HD Conferencing with Telesymmetry Experience.
The typical video teleconference usually rates as a  poor cinematic experience.  The visual frame is largely uncomposed.  Participants are either partially out of frame or completely cut off  from view. Proper color corrected lighting and correct exposure compensation are nonexistent. Focus is soft. Harsh backlighting has made the camera meter the scene incorrectly so the subjects appear to be in darkness. Sound quality is poor. The  geometry of the furniture will not act in concert with optics of the camera.

If this scenario describes your experience, the promise  of a productive and meaningful Multipoint  HD communication remains unfulfilled. This is where we can step in.

Take full advantage of high definition video.This HD Teleconferencing Studio is visually coordinated with a harmonious selection of colors, materials and fabrics. The podium, conference table, conference seating and LCD lift cabinet are made with the same HPL surfaces and the shapes have curvilinear elements that present a cohesive visual treatment.

HD Conferening Studio for Telepresence, Video Teleconferencing with Teleconferencing Table, Computer Podium and LCD Motorized Monitor Lift Cabinet

A true HD Video Studio, balanced video lighting is built into the suspended ceiling, so faces are defined with a natural, professional appearance. Computer screens for each user provide information that is easy to see for close-up detail, so the large HD display can present the people full screen.

The shape of the table, coordinated with the backgrounds of the designed space, make multiple camera angles possible for a well produced video effect.

Drapery and acoustic panels damp the echo out of the room so speech is clear and natural. The sound system creates a natural sound picture associated with the LCD, so the sound comes from the same spatial area. The phone disc is centrally located so the 16 integrated microphones can actively mute non-speaking zones while isolating the active speakers. Whispered side-bar conversations are suppressed.

Computer LCDs can be rotated under the desktop using flipIT® when computers are not needed. More people can be seated in the camera's 70° angle of view.

HD Video Teleconference

When not used, the phone disc may be stowed in the well of the Piano™ Teleconference Table, under the triangular lid.

The MVC Computer Podium design for VTC picks up the curved lines of the teleconference table. It rolls on heavy duty casters so it can be positioned for the most pleasing camera angle. The flipIT® LCD System keeps the screen at a low profile so it does not obscure the sight lines of the participants and camera. Retractable keyboard tray actuates flipIT® opening. Shown with model K-19 for 20" widescreen monitors. The equipment bay holds CPU and other AV components. The 6-outlet power strip has a switch that mounts in the keyboard tray compartment. Equipment bay doors lock for security. Dimensions 30w x 26d x 42h.

The mesh back Via® Palmer® is fully adjustable and gives all day support. Many fabric choices are available to coordinate with any decor.

Video Teleconferencing Podium for HD Conferencing Studio HD Conferencing interior design treatment with video teleconferencing table and podium

The camera's perspective of the HD Conferencing Studio can be placed in strategic places to frame the people and the architectural backgrounds. Custom pop-up graphics can be placed to provide a corporate image and message. Warm colors of draperies on doors and windows work well with studio lights to make faces stand out. The draperies are opaque to block out the variable influence of direct or diffused sunlight. No background hot spots to make the video camera iris close down and ruin the visual effect.

The flipIT® workstations are shown in open and closed position. The open flipIT® workstations dress the backs of the LCD monitors so they look great on camera. The screens are only 8 inches above the table top, so faces are not obscured.


HD Teleconferencng table in studio suite

Mobile Equipment Stacker


Additional CPU or laptop storage is easy with the SPX Mobile Equipment Stacker Cabinet. Equipped with 2 adjustable shelves that allow wires to pass above and below, inside cabinet. Shown with one shelf removed. May also be equipped with rack mounting rails. Rolls on locking carpet casters.

The Mobile Equipment Cabinet unobtrusively stores 5 small form factor CPUs and more. Router box and power strips mount to the back for an organized and accessible installation. Finished black to minimize visual impact.
AV Equipment Mobile Cabinet for CPU Storage

LCD Video Monitor Lift Cabinet:

eMotion™ Motorized LCD Lift sets the tone for professionalism in HD Video Teleconferencing

A beautiful form, an impressive function. Your telepresence / teleconferencing experience centers around the HD conferencing LCD display. The eMotion™ LCD Lift Cabinet floats the Video Monitor above the cabinet top. The cabinet lid automatically opens and closes as the motorized LCD lift transports the HD Video, LCD or Plasma Screen into the desired position.

AV Equipment Side Cabinets

Made in mirror image, these cabinets are for right and left sides of the eMotion™ Monitor Lift arrangement. Modeled after the more utilitarian Mobile Equipment Stacker, the backs are open for access to equipment bays with cable passes from all shelves. Small components may be mounted to the back. Inside wall has a wireway that aligns with the main eMotion™ LCD Lift Cabinet.

Learn more about
eMotion™ LCD Lift Cabinet


eMotion™ LCD Monitor Lift Cabinet with Motorized Monitor Lift by CBT Supply, Inc.

The Leader Position

The head of the Piano™ Concerto 5 Teleconferencing Table is an empowering position. The HD Video Camera is mounted on a tripod at the end of the table. This is a perfect height for eye contact. The LCD Lift holds the display at a height just above the camera. The Table is situated diagonally in the room so subjects may see the monitor and the camera can compose the subjects with formal balance (shown). There is plenty of room for the camera to be positioned for pleasing composition of asymmetric balance. The camera may be tilted, panned and zoomed by remote control. The remote control can also control tilt, pan and zoom of the remote camera.


HD Conferencing Studio with Teleconference Table and LCD Lift

Hi-Lite 3500°K
Balanced Fluorescent Video Lighting

This HD Conference Studio is lit with two ceiling mounted lighting units. Balanced for HD video, provides even front lighting for natural looking faces. Remote control dimmer on XLR model. Light mounted to stand is effective when subjects are faced away from the ceiling light source, or for fill light anywhere on the set. May also mount to ceiling and directed to fill.

Download a pdf brochure for full specs.


Video Light for use on tripod stand Video Light for drop-in ceiling


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