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HIPAA Compliance
for physical security of patient data using flipIT® LCD Security System. Provides HIPAA compliance for nurses' stations, patient rooms, and anywhere patient data is viewed and access to data must be secured.

flipIT HIPAA Compliance LCD Security System
US Patent No. 7,784,412 flipIT® Convertible Computer Display

US Patent No. 7,757,612 flipIT® Laptop Safe

Download flipIT Kit pdf brochure
flipIT Kit pdf

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HIPAA Compliance flipIT LCD Security System

For HIPAA compliance anywhere, flipIT® LCD Security System installs in any desktop. Ideal for nurses' stations, registration desks, patient rooms, offices, conference rooms. Your LCD installs to the rotating top. Just pull on the keyboard tray to actuate the opening. Screen angle can be adjusted to avoid glare and ensure privacy. Semi-recessed so receptionists can maintain eye contact with patents without the back of the screen becoming a barrier to a positive patient experience.


flipIT for HIPAA compliance with §164.308 Physical Access Security


Install flipIT
in patient rooms, registration desks, nurses stations—
anywhere patient data must be protected from view.

The flipIT LCD Security System streamlines way your desktop is organized for reviewing patient data, while maintaining valuable desktop space for writing and manual record-keeping. The flipIT™ Kit comes with everything you need to mount your new or existing LCD monitor. Must comply with VESA standards - 95% of LCD displays incorporate required 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm mounting holes

The patented flipIT System will change the way you view your computer, increase equipment and data security to meet HIPAA patient data security requirements and free up valuable desk space.

Your contractor can install the flipIT Kit for you using common tools. If you are having custom furniture or fixtures made, we can provide kits that can be customized with matching laminate tops by your contractor.

We provide our computer tables and conference tables with genuine flipIT LCD Security Systems installed to your requirements. Please submit a Design Request to our Design Center for a floorplan and conference room table configured for your technology and how you plan to communicate.

Computer Table with LCD flat screen monitor

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flipIT Kit Brochure
Download pdf flipIT Kit Brochure




flipIT Laptop Safe

Keep your laptop secure under lock and key, but keep it powered up, charging and updating on your network. And keep it handy. No more time-consuming set-up and storage procedures—just open or close the lid. Works with laptop case dimensions 16" wide x 11.5" deep x 2.5" thick.

Click to learn more about the flipIT® Laptop Safe.

flipIT Laptop Safe Laptop Vault
The flipIT Laptop Safe

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flipIT Kit Brochure
Download pdf flipIT Kit Brochure
Choose Lid Color:
Ebony Picca 488580  reads black with surface effect
Matte Black
  Unfinished MDF
Unfinished MDF
Ready to Laminate

flipIT Max case dimensions:  FIK19 = 18.875  FIK23 = 23.25


24" widescreen monitors require the flipIT® 23. Please check the specifications of your monitor case width to be sure of compatibility.


flipIT® LCD Display Support System is offered in 2 sizes:

FIK-19 is for 16:9 aspect ratio 20" LCDs with case width up to 18.875" (479.425mm) Please note that some widescreen LCDs have case widths OVER 19 inches. 19" is a friction fit. Specify FIK-23 for larger widescreen LCDs.

FIK-23 is for 16:9 widescreen LCDs with case width up to 23.25" (590.5mm)

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