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Personal Computers PCs with LCDs & CPUs

Basic to the computer lab, PCs with LCDs and CPUs are expected equipment. When it comes to putting computers in the classroom, ergonomic solutions are often not considered. Many times, simple folding tables are purchased from a home improvement store because that’s all that is left in the budget after purchasing the computers. CPUs get used as monitor stands, or they are placed on the desktop to get them off of the floor.

It doesn’t help that this approach to a computer classroom is proudly photographed and publicized as the model to follow. How many photos of computer labs have you seen with the monitors piled high on the desktops? Students portrayed in these photos seem to look up in awe, happily enjoying the latest and greatest computer technology dominating their learning space. They crowd around a display and pose for the camera, often pointing to something on the screen. It gives the impression that the school is technology forward and the students who attend have every advantage. Too bad the ergonomics portrayed are missing the mark.

HorizonLine classroom with flipIT for LCDs and PCs

HorizonLine™ Computer Tables with flipIT® for semi-recessed placement of LCDs keeps sight lines open.

eLearning with SMART desks

Walls of computer screens hide students from teachers and any other demonstration in the room.

Old schoool computer lab

This "old school" computer lab has the teacher and students swimming in screens.

Computer Classroom Furniture Considerations

Semi-recessed monitor placement keeps screens below the horizon line of students. Teachers and demonstrations are in full view. Those with bi-focals will appreciate reduced neck and eye strain with the display in a lower position.


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