• ADA compliance desk table
  • ADA compliant desk table
  • wheelchair desk table
  • sit stand desk table
  • sit stand desk table
  • sit stand desk table

Sit | Stand Desks and Tables with Adjustable Height Base Choices

Motorized Sit Stand Table for ADA compliance

Motorized Sit-Stand Desks & Tables

Sit stand desks Cirrus LiftRoller floating balance lift

LiftRoller ONE

Cirrus LiftRoller TWO floating balance sit stand desk

LiftRoller TWO

Cirrus Ratchet base 202 series adjustable height table

Cirrus 202 Ratchet

CRF/L-60|66|7226VH-E2M CRF/L-36|42|6024VH-E2LR1 CRF/L-60|66|7224VH-E2LR2 CRF/L-30|36|4224VH-202RA

Ratchet Flip-top Sit Stand Desks

Flip Top Storage | Lift to Adjust in Steps

Sit stand desks Cirrus Floating CounterBalance

Balanced lift even with unbalanced weight

Cirrus LiftRoller TWO floating balance sit stand desk

Economical for K-12

Cirrus Ratchet base 202 series adjustable height table

Sit | Stand Pedestal Work Tables

CRF/L-36|42|48|60|66|7226VH-E2RAS CRF/U-60|7226VH-FCB Spring Pin 24-30" LaptopTables Floating Balance | Ratchet

The Winston Workstation™

Wherever you need it to be—the Winston Sit-Stand Workstation works with all freestanding desks— at home, in an office, or within a systems environment

Energizing your body. Inspiring your mind.

Instantly converts any desk into a sit stand workspace boosting health and productivity. Recent studies have shown that sitting throughout the day can have the same negative health consequences as smoking. Winston seamlessly integrates into your workday for a boost in health and wellness.

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Winston Single monitor sit-to-stand workstation in Silver Winston Dual screen sit-to-stand workstation in Silver


Nice technology furniture. How do you plug 'em in?

Along with Furniture, get a FFIT cable management solution.
....Get an estimate for a complete power and data cable management system
...........................to go along with your SMARTdesks furniture.


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