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Power & Data Solutions

Power & Data Solutions

  • raised floor, computer floor, underfloor power and data distribution

  • conference table troughs for power data access, customized computer and AV connector cables

  • pop-up convenience power data service ports

  • grommet mounted into table, power data service ports and charging

  • portable power sources for computer lounge areas

  • power data service ports, surface mount, edge mount, under table mount

  • wireless Qi charging for smartphones and devices

Conference Table Trough with customizable AV | Data | Power | Charging
Oasis Mini Conference Table Trough for Power, Data and AV access
oasis Conference Table Trough for Power, Data and AV Cable Connection Access
Interace G2 UT Under Table Trough for Conference table access to Power and Data Cable Connections
Interact G4 Conference Table Trough for power and data access
Interact G2 Power Data Cable Connection Access - Conference Table Trough
Interface 2 Conference Table Trough with access to power and data connections from 2 sides
Interface G2 Under Table Conference Table Trough for access to power and data connections
Interface G2 Conference Table Trough for power data access
Ellora Conference Table Trough for power, charging and data connection access
Ellora B Conference Table Trough
Ellora E2X Conference Table power Data Trough
Ellora Qi wireless charger table trough
Marina AV HDMI Power Data Trough for Collaborative Conference Tables
Grommet Mount Power | Data | Charging
Hide-a-Dock power and charging for conference tables
Hide-a-Dock power and charging for conference tables
Hide-a-Dock power and charging for conference tables
Pop-Up Power & Data for Conference | Collaboration
Pop Up Convenience Outlet
Portable Power & Conferencing
Getaway AV HDMI Portable Huddle Conference Switcher
The Isle Power Tower
Surface Mount | Edge Mount | Monument | Power, Data & Charging
Power Block TV2100 Convenience Power Outlets
Wireless Chargers & Table Lamps with Charging
Ellora Qi Wireless Charging with 3 Power, Dual USB Charging in Trough
DOCK-950 Qi Wireless Charger
Table Lamp TL-4000 with Qi Charging Base
LED Table Lamps with USB Charging Outlets in Base
Power Basics for Tables
Power Data Port Round Lid
PDM - P/D Module with 2 RJ-45 inserts
4 power 1 Surge PD-FC717
Wire Management Pass-Thru Grommet with Rotating Cover
POWER & DATA SOLUTIONS Computer labs and conference rooms tend to have outsized power delivery and management needs. SMARTdesks is here to help. In business since 1997, we have carried a range of cable management and power delivery options for technology furniture. TABLE TOP POWER & DATA SOLUTIONS As mobile computing has become widespread, users expect to be able to use their mobile devices in schools and the workplace. SMARTdesks has responded with a range of computer lab power supply and conference table power hub solutions. Pop up power and data stations Grommet power and data outlets Cable and wire management solutions Our range of desktop power supply and data connectivity solutions will give your users the extra level of convenience they need and expect. In business since 1997, SMARTdesks has been a leading innovator in technology furniture solutions, such as technology tables, computer lab desks, conference tables, collaboration tables and seating solutions. We can put together a technology furniture solution geared towards your unique space and requirements.
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