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Stacking Occasional Chairs


Comfort and contemporary visual harmony

Cinto™ Stacking Occasional Chairs by Humanscale®

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Cinto™ C25 4Legs, Fixed Arms, Casters

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Cinto™ Stacking Chair by Humanscale® Cinto™ Stacking Occasional Chair by Humanscale®
Cinto™ Stacking Chair y Humanscale® Cinto™ Stacking Chair by Humanscale®

Cinto™ dimensions



Cinto™ red chair Cinto™ Stack Chairs by Humanscale®


Cinto™ by the Humanscale® Design Studio offers unprecedented comfort and ergonomic features for a chair in its class. Designed to move with the body and minimize pressure points, Cinto breaks the number one rule for stacking chairs—it’s comfortable!
Proprietary belt design offers backrest flex and lumbar support

Unique surface cuts on the seat pan distribute weight and ease pressure points

Available armless or with fixed arms

Available with a cantilever base, or with four legs on either casters or glides

Stacks eight chairs high without cart

With optional storage cart, stacks 15 chairs high

Backrest handle for easy transport

Made of steel and polypropylene with an elastomer belt

Available in a variety of colors

100% recyclable

Lifetime warranty

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