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eLearning Classroom

Approx. 1200 sq ft, 40x30

45 students, 1 faculty

Presentation Arrangement
appropriate for:

  • Instructional Design
  • Computer Based Training
  • Computer Based Learning
  • Active Learning
  • Blended Learning
  • eLearning / eLearning 2.0

Technology Choices
which may be incorporated:

  • Interactive Whiteboard /
    SMART Technologies
  • Video Projector
  • Mobile Learning / mLearning
  • Touchscreens
  • LCD displays with CPUs
  • Laptops

Typical Software

  • Moodle Type VLE
  • Blackboard
  • PowerPoint / Keynote

Computer Desks 425 sq ft classroom

Single Computer Desks with FIK-18 for multi-use. Same size model 202 or 205 DL or HorizonLine™ Tables may be substituted. Power and data routed from walls, daisy-chained through table wire management channels located in modesty panels. Adjustable seating permits quick, no-nonsense ergonomic fit for a wide range of students. Includes flipIT instructor desk and 2 printer cabinets.

Student Desks/Tables for Multi-use,
Computers or Laptops

  • HorizonLine™ Computer Tables
  • DL Series 202/205 Computer Tables
  • FI Series Computer Desks

Student Workstations

  • flipIT® for LCDs
  • CPU Holders
  • flipIT® Laptop Safes
  • ComPort™ Interfaces

Presenter Podiums

  • Podiums with flipIT® for LCDs
  • Podiums with flipIT® for Laptops
  • Podiums with Semi-recessed LCDs
  • Standard Stand-up Podiums
  • Comport™ Interfaces for Podiums


  • Student Seating
  • Presenter Seating
  • Adjustable Stools

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