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SMARTdesks® Collaborative Learning Desk and Table Systems: Computer Desks and Conference Tables with Unlimited Design Possibilities

  • Modular conference tables for active learning classrooms
    TAO | RIO creates a dynamic balance for active learning and collaboration

    TAO, the yin-yang circular table, is lightness chasing darkness. You can't have lightness without darkness. One defines the other, and one cannot have one without the other. Both are present, but in dynamic balance, in the moment.

    RIO literally means "river." The shape describes the flow of two working together. As two are seated at RIO, they are acting within the framework of yin-yang. Dynamic balance is found in this extension of the circular yin-yang.
  • Trio Immersive Learning Centers for project-based active learning environments
    The Power of 3— Exponential Flexibility for Active Learning Environments

    TriO's three table top sections suggest groupings for team work, but also imply privacy in the context of a digital commons area. This encourages focus and engagement, with flexibility—the watch word in project-based learning.

    Technology users can power up from six power outlets and 6 USB power outlets. Additional technology can be stored in the center column with convenient cable management. AV technology stored in the console may be access from locking vented doors in the base, or from the hinged top.
  • Vista80 AV Colaboration Conference Tables for open plan classrooms with laptop HDMI video switching
    Customize for your technology and space plan

    This freestanding collaboration conference table is engineered for easy technology integration. Choose your colors to suit the interior design scheme. Edge treatment may be a simple PVC with radius corners, or polyurathane edge that simulat4es wood, but is more comfortable and resists nicks and dings of heavy use. Monitor attaches with wall mount. Cable ways organize the installation and hide clutter. Rear side can also be set up for use with monitor and lounge seating.
  • Trapeza trapezoid modular conference tables for collaborative learning for flexible arrangement
    Trapezoidal elements that make collaborative conference rooms interactive

    These mobile trapezoidal tables make triangles, hexagons and large conference tables. They may be accessorized with pop-up data ports, laptop power ports, cable pass-throughs and more. Customize to your taste in a wide range of laminates with PVC edges, or 3D thermofoil and contoured edges. Ask our Design Center for ideas and space planning floor plans to explore the possibilities.
  • Boost collaborative Learning conference tables with video switching and motorless monitor lift
    Any small nook can be a huge collaboration space

    Boost has a small footprint, but a large technology organizational space. The flipIT lift motorless monitor mount supports a nice sized screen all can see, and the HuddleVu video switching system lets the presenters change on the fly with a touch of a button. Give your meetings a Boost!
  • Exchange collaboration tables, modular triangular elements that make multitudes of interactive shapes
    Exchange revolutionizes collaborative learning spaces

    Each Exchange table element is a right triangle with a curve to the left or right of the user. Buy them in mirror image pairs to construct shapes with reflective formal balance, such as triangles. Buy them alike to make radial symmetry, such as pinwheels, hexagons, and facing rectangles. People collaborate over the corners of the designs, or side-by-sidein teams. Change up the shapes using the same Exchange elements!
  • Ivy League university and college collaboration conference tables with multi-use flipIT Laptop Safe
    Collab—designed in collaboration with Ivy League thought leaders

    Our client chose this equilayteral triangle collaborative shape, and then we went to work on the robust column in the center, under the table, that lets IT integration and access, eliminating clutter. The space was core drilled, and we provided layout shapes that could be placed in the room to plan for the power to come up through the columns—even before the actual tables were manufactured. flipIT laptop safes were specified with lids that were made to match the grain of the laminate chosen. special directional microphones were integrated for open dialog for each one in the space. Richly stained wood moulding finishes the edging. Created custom. Just like yours can be.
  • Piano10 SMARTspace AV collaborative conference table and teleconferencing
    Piano: SMARTdesks original computer conference table

    Originally designed as a line-of-sight conference table, Piano integrates LCD screens with flipIT monitor mounts and features access to cables and small components in its central technology well by lifting its signature Piano lid. Its shape works well for teleconferencing with one screen and one camera with all faces in view, and data displays that give context for visual cues when people are looking at their screens. Screens are never obtrusive, but can be folded under the table instantly to reduce visual clutter all the more. Custom made for each client.
  • Pi Collaborative Learning Tables are based on circles, making collaboration groups and gentle arcs
    How do you make curved ampitheater arrangements with modular tables?

    The answer is the radical Pi. Based on the geometry of the circle, not the rectangle, Pi Collaboration Tables nest together like links in a serpentine belt to accomplish arrangements that defy description. And these gently curved rows are easy to arrange, and rearrange as needs change. May also incorporate flipIT laptop safe or monitor mounts for multi-use classrooms.
Collaborative Learning Furniture for Corporate Office Conference Spaces and Higher Education
Exchange active Learning Collaboration Classroom Tables

iGroup Collaborative Learning table system

Boost AV Collaboration presentation conference table with HDMI video Laptop switching

Vista80 Laptop HDMI AV video switching Conference Table for Collaboration

Single user collaboration tables that come together for group conference
TriO Immersive Learning Centers for active learning classrooms

TriO Immersive Learning Centers for Active Learning Environments
TAO|RIO active learning collaboration conference table system

TAO | RIO Active Learning Collaborative Conference Tables
Quark2 Mobile Collaboration table system for active learning groups in open plan classrooms

Trapeza modular collaboration tables for small groups and large conference tables


Collaborative office and classroom furniture and multi-Use communication methods are incorporated into different shapes that optimize the geometry of interaction. Collaborative Classroom & Office Furniture gives freedom, while the shape of the table promotes flow, selected to optimize the building of consensus, interpersonal relationships and teaming with the purpose of achieving specific shared goals. The shapes help remove barriers to consensus by encouraging non-confrontational, positive body language, while flipIT® and laptop power/data ports allow technology to be used at will.
Collaborative Classroom & Office Furniture Defined
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"Collaborative learning" is a general term for a variety of educational approaches which involve an exchange of intellectual effort by students and teachers together. Typically, students work in groups of two or more, searching together in a process directed to solve for a common goal. Collaborative learning activities vary widely, but most center on students' exploration and application of the course material, not simply the teacher’s presentation of it.

In collaborative classrooms, the lecturing, listening and note-taking process may not disappear entirely, but it lives alongside other processes that are based in students' discussion and active work with the course material. Teachers who use collaborative learning approaches tend to think of themselves more as designers of intellectual experiences, and less as presenters of knowledge to students. Similarly, collaborative office furniture is used in business settings for team meetings..

How is furniture for collaborative learning different?
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/Referred to as a modular Collaboration Computer Furniture System or Collab Table—permits the setup of different shapes to promote the types of interaction particular to the collaborative learning process. Collaborative office furniture is also used for team meetings in the commercial setting. Its ability to assume different collaborative shapes allows management to set the meeting room specifically to its purpose.

SMARTdesks® Collaborative Learning Computer Classroom Desks— Computers and laptops Integrated Into Computer Desks and Conference Tables Ergonomic Computer Classroom Desks for LCD Computer Monitors, CRTs, and Laptop Computer Desks, featuring Laptop Safes, and LCD Locking Security.

Collaborative Learning Classrooms and Conference Rooms with Free Design Services

Click on Design Request and give us your computer desk classroom dimensions, the computer technology choices (if known) and how you want to use the computer classroom desk space (teaching methods, multi-use, etc). Design services are no cost and no obligation. SMARTdesks Computer Desks integrate the latest technology into the computer classroom. Ergonomic for comfortable, extended use.

Computer Desks are available in single or double user widths to achieve your computer classroom space requirements. Select your computer desks based on monitor placement for your LCDs or Laptops: Computers with LCD displays can be installed in classroom computer desks in several ways to achieve the best balance between teacher-student interaction and ergonomic user-equipment interface.

Determining the best computer monitor location in your computer desk should be based upon teaching methods, curriculum requirements and the advantages and drawbacks of each configuration in meeting these criteria.

Semi-Recessed Computer Desks position the monitor just below the user's horizon line. Permits an unobstructed line-of-sight plus ideal user ergonomics for the computer classroom. Compatible with iMac® and 24" 16:9 Wide Screen Computers.

flipIT® Computer Desks give ergonomic semi-recessed LCD monitor placement when in use, and completely unobstructed sight lines in the computer classroom. When computers are not desired, flipIT® lets you rotate the LCDs under the computer desk tops.

Genuine flipIT Computer Desks present the screen semi-recessed for unobstructed sight lines. For multi-use applications, the screens flip down for use as a standard desk. flipIT 19 for 16:9 LCDs up to 20" diagonal. flipIT 23 for widescreen LCDs up to 24" diagonal.

Laptop Safe Laptop Desks are at keyboard height for comfort in use. The genuine flipIT® Laptop Safe has a low profile, like that of the laptop itself, so sight lines are unobstructed. Newpath® Computer Desks by SMARTdesks® genuine flipIT® Laptop Safes for laptop security and convenience. Leave laptops connected to data and power for charging at point of use. No separate charging carts needed.

Desktop monitor computer desks hold all monitors and laptop computers. The screen is visible to student and instructor and convenient for shared computing where line-of-sight is not at issue

LCD Monitor Arms on classroom computer desks support a highly adjustable view of the screen for both students and teacher.

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