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Choose Finish Colors for Your
Computer Desks, Computer Tables, Computer Podiums, Computer Conference Tables


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Important Notice:

Swatches shown are Web reproductions and differ from the actual product colors because every computer monitor is set differently and cannot reproduce every color exactly. SMARTdesks will not be held liable for color decisions approved solely on the basis of web color representations, and such contracts are binding based on laminate manufacturer’s colors specified. For critical color decisions, please request and approve actual finish or fabric samples to complete your order. Click Here to request samples.

select carpet colors for FFIT Computer Floor


Color example


How to specify colors

Progressions Colors

Three color choices are needed for the Inspirations Color Design for Student Desks, Instructor Desks, MPLEX Podiums and SPEX cabinets. You need to specify the top laminate, PVC trim color and ThermoFused Melamine (TFM) base panels (and doors).

This example of an MPLEX Podium has AV-731 (P) Celedon Impression top laminate, CP1005 Black PVC trim, and 922 Hardrock Maple TFM base panels and doors.

If this is your product style selection, please specify your colors from the Progressions Colors page.

You may also use Inspiration Colors for Technology Tables. Choose top laminate, PVC trim and leg colors.

Concerto Colors

For PIANO, Equator™ and TRIAD interactive conference tables, use the
Modus™ Harmonized Color Palette page to specify:

  • Top Laminate
  • Lid Laminate (may match top)
  • flipIT Lids (Black, or may match or contrast top)
  • Edge Stain (may match or contrast top)
  • Leg Color

This PIANO Concerto has

  • WM-0005T Siren Maple top
  • Hanging Gardens of Babylon lid
  • Medium Cherry edge stain

Modus™ Harmonized Color Palette is organized by choice of natural wood edge molding, offering laminates in similar, light, medium and dark complements and contrasting patterns and woodgrain laminates.

Sonata Colors

Finishes for PIANO, Equator™ and TRIAD can be specified from the
Sonata Colors page
. There are fewer colors to specify for this design treatment:

  • Top color
  • Lid color (may match or contrast top)
  • flipIT lid (may match or contrast top, or be black)
  • Leg color

This Piano Sonata has

  • 2034 Hayward Cherry top
  • 6005 Shark Grey lid and flipIT lids
  • Black Magic legs



Piatto custom wood match


Wood & Veneer

Fine furniture wood and veneer colors for Piatto Conference Tables.

This Piatto is a custom match based on an architect's sample of other wood or laminates used in the room for doors and cabinetry. You can have us perform this service for you. Please allow 2 weeks for the making of samples according to your specifications. This can be done as we prepare a quote for you and help you with a floorplan.

Laminates for Piatto Conference Tables using Modus™ Harmonized Color Palette

Piatto Conference tables are available in high pressure laminate woodgrain finishes with real wood molding for edges of top.

Pi & HorizonLine Computer Tables with thrmofoil colors

Pi™ and HorizonLine ™ Colors

Go to the Sonata Colors page to specify:

  • Top color: woodgrain or solid
  • Modesty Panel: matching top
  • Legs: black

The product photo depicts modesty panels in black with PVC edge. We are no longer manufacturing modesty panels this way. Pi and HorizonLine modesty panels now have contoured edges and are finished black on the inside, matching top color on the outside.



Each chair line we carry has fabric or chair shell colors to select.

To be certain that your choice is specific to your chair selection, please specify fabrics using Price Quote.

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