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Longitudes Custom Computer Conference Tables are custom configured to your conference space for computer, laptop, AV, and mobile device usage. The system is produced in sections of 4 or 6 ergonomic workspaces with rectangular, racetrack or arched ends. Finished in HPL or veneer with stained hardwood edge moulding, Longitudes is fashion forward, formal contemporary styling that presents computers or laptops to the meeting and allows these to be cleared away, instantly, the moment they are in the way of communication.

Custom Computer
Conference Tables

Each Longitudes Computer Conference Table is scaled for the number meeting in the conference room. Appointed with accessible power and connection panels or troughs with connectors you specify; and also, flipIT Laptop Safe or flipIT Convertible PC Workstations as options.

A configured solution for any communication space.

Conference Table with Laptop Computers - Longitudes by SMARTdesks

Longitudes Conference Table Brochure pdf

This Longitudes Laptop Conference Table is scaled for the public space at the NYC Department of Records.

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Longitudes modular conference table tops

conference table structure for Longitudes modular design computer Conference table

The Longitudes Conference Table steel structure is extruded to the length required by the top configuration. The cantilever supports are on centers to give great strength with clear spans for maximum knee space. Top modules are dimensioned 60" wide and length is dependent on the number and size of flipIT devices installed. Units of 4, 5 and 6 can have one-piece tops. Modular units of 4, 5, 6, and 7 can be put together to serve any length. The Longitudes 18, for example, becomes a 20 with six in the middle section instead of four (7+6+7). The base panel bottoms are contoured to be compatible with Connectrac® under carpet power and data delivery system. Ask for a completely configured solution from our Design Center, and we can specify the Connectrac® system components that are right for your requirements and provide a complete floor plan that includes conference table placement and Connectrac® on a separate layer. Design Services are provided without cost or obligation.

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cable way detail for Longitudes Computer Conference Table
Longitudes custom computer conference tables feature cable ways from floor to the wire management keel formed by the I-beam structure. The bottom of the I-beam has a breathable, ventilated perforated metal screen to support cable an small components. This screen lays in the channel and can be easily manipulated to allow cables and components to be cable-tied into place for installation. The floor-to-keel cable way is easily removed for access.

Large access ports serve the flipIT Laptop Safes® or flipIT® workstations. Integrators may wish to install USB power bricks to serve the laptops. These can be stored in the keel as a permanent installation.

Additionally, top side power, data and AV connection access may be desired. Check our connector box products and see what would serve your requirements. Adjustments in the Longitudes keel dimensions may need to be made to accommodate certain choices. Engineering can advise you of alternative selections or the impact your choice may make on cost.

Conference Table structure for Longitudes computer conference table

This Longitudes Custom Conference Table features flipIT-18 Laptop Safes®. Laptops are served with power and data connections. this is a permanent installation of the laptops in a public use area of the New York City Department of Records. Laptop battery life and connection to data are never in question.

Laptops can be tethered to the frame for added security. SMARTdesks Cable LOK. (See our security products to specify).

Cable LOK by SMARTdesks

Longitudes Modular Computer Conference Table with Laptops

How do you specify
Longitudes Custom Computer Conference Tables?

Request Design—no cost or obligation to purchase.

Longitudes is a custom product that is only available through a design request. Click the "Start Planning" button, and give us the information about your space, technology and activities. State your preferences about the style: rectangle, racetrack or arch ends, like the picture. We will respond with a design you can review and we will generate a quote based on your requirements.

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