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  • flipIT Metaldesks
  • flipIT motorless monitor lift desks by SMARTdesks
  • iLid touchscreen computer desks
  • Imac Desks - semi-recessed monitor placement for all-in-ones on fixed stands.
  • LOCI library carrels by SMARTdesks - sit stand stand alone single sided double sided with extensions for any floor plan
  • Newpath laptop desks by SMARTdesks - featuring flipIT laptop safe

School Computer Lab Desks for
Collaborative Learning and Multi-Use Classrooms

flipIT SMARTdesks classroom computer desks for multi-use PC computer labs and laptop charging flipIT SMARTdesks MetalDesks classroom computer desks for multi-use PC computer labs and laptop charging flipIT SMARTdesks classroom computer desks for multi-use  laptop charging flipIT SMARTdesks classroom computer desks for multi-use PC computer labs motorless monitor lift LOCI Series sit stand library carrels with flipIT laptop safe and flipit monitor mount system options
flipIT Desks flipIT MetalDesks Newpath Laptop Desks with
flipIT Laptop Safe
flipIT Lift Desks Loci Library Carrels
Semi-recessed iMac SMARTdesks classroom computer desks for multi-use computer labs semi-recessed monitor placement FP Series iMac Desks for all-in-one computers with fixed permanently mounted stands iLid SMARTdesks classroom computer desks for multi-use PC computer labs Mira Vista SMARTdesks classroom computer desks for multi-use PC computer labs, glass top down-view DT Series basic computer desks by SMARTdesks, shown with grommet mouned monitor arms
Semi-recessed FP Series Desks iMac® SMARTdesks
Semi-recessed FP Series
iLid Flip Desks MiraVista
Downview Glasstop Desks
Basic SMARTdesks
DT Series Computer Lab Desks

SMARTdesks® Computer Classroom Desks—
Computers Integrated Into Computer Desks

Ergonomic Computer Classroom Desks for LCD Computer Monitors, CRTs, and Laptop Computer Desks, featuring Laptop Safes, and LCD Locking Security.
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Let us help you design your 
Computer Desk Classroom Layout

Click on Design Request and give us your computer desk classroom dimensions, the computer technology choices (if known) and how you want to use the computer classroom desk space (teaching methods, multi-use, etc). Design services are no cost and no obligation.

SMARTdesks Computer Desks integrate the latest technology into the computer classroom. Ergonomic for comfortable, extended use. Computer Desks are available in single or double user widths to achieve your computer classroom space requirements.

Select your computer desks 
based on monitor placement for your LCDs or Laptops:

Computers with LCD displays can be installed in classroom computer desks in several ways to achieve the best balance between teacher-student interaction and ergonomic user-equipment interface. 

Determining the best computer monitor location in your computer desk should be based upon teaching methods, curriculum requirements and the advantages and drawbacks of each configuration in meeting these criteria. 

Semi-Recessed Computer Desks position the monitor just below the user's horizon line. Permits an unobstructed line-of-sight plus ideal user ergonomics for the computer classroom. Compatible with iMac® and 24" 16:9 Wide Screen Computers.

flipIT® Computer Desks give ergonomic semi-recessed LCD monitor placement when in use, and completely unobstructed sight lines in the computer classroom. When computers are not desired, flipIT® lets you rotate the LCDs under the computer desk tops.

Genuine flipIT Computer Desks present the screen semi-recessed for unobstructed sight lines. For multi-use applications, the screens flip down for use as a standard desk. flipIT 19 for 16:9 LCDs up to 20" diagonal. flipIT 23 for widescreen LCDs up to 24" diagonal.

Laptop Safe Laptop Desks are at keyboard height for comfort in use. The genuine flipIT® Laptop Safe has a low profile, like that of the laptop itself, so sight lines are unobstructed. Newpath® Computer Desks by SMARTdesks® genuine flipIT® Laptop Safes for laptop security and convenience. Leave laptops connected to data and power for charging at point of use. No separate charging carts needed.

Desktop monitor computer desks hold all monitors and laptop computers. The screen is visible to student and instructor and convenient for shared computing where line-of-sight is not at issue

LCD Monitor Arms on classroom computer desks support a highly adjustable view of the screen for both students and teacher.



SMARTdesks Computer Desks Design Features and Benefits 

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SMARTdesks Computer Desks Design Features and Benefits

All SMARTdesks™ Computer Desks offer these standard features:

  • Wide variety of widths - standard sizes and "special" modifications
  • Single, double and triple station desks that offer extra space and value
  • CPU bays below the worksurface - Able to accommodate desktop and/or tower CPU cases
  • 26"w keyboard/mouse platforms with heavy-duty Accuride® full-extension slides with a lifetime warranty
  • Integral wire management enable desk-to-desk connection, control clutter, protect cables
  • Many Options - Power/Data Management, Adjustability & Mobility, Task Lighting
  • Standard and Custom Modifications - for security, accessibility and utility
  • Finish Combinations - selected for durability, low reflectance and compatibility
  • All have the same high quality general construction specifications including high-pressure laminate tops, 3mm PVC protective edge treatment, steel, thru-bolted assembly hardware for durability, etc.



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