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The flipIT® LCD computer desk
is like nothing you've ever seen!

By simply pulling out the keyboard/mouse platform, the flipIT® mechanism opens to offer an LCD monitor, positioned ideally within your field of view.

Students maintain an unobstructed line-of-sight to the teacher and classroom presentations because the flipIT positions the LCD monitor below the horizon line: ergonomically ideal for the user.

When a clear work surface is desired for traditional classroom tasks, grasp the flipIT lid and close it. The keyboard retracts and the LCD flips under the desktop, secure and out of the way. Locking is available as an option.

Like all SMARTdesks, flipIT desks are designed to conceal and protect all the wires that are the source of the cable clutter that seems to haunt most computer labs.

flipIT® Convertible Desktop US Patent No. 7,784,412
flipIT® Laptop Safe US Patent No. 7,757,612

flipIT Widescreen computer desk

Get Price for Computer Desks using our quote page.

Get Price for Computer Desks using our quote page.

flip top LCD computer desk

flipIT® semi-recessed monitor placement is the ideal solution for computer-based training. Because the LCD monitor is in the visual plane of both the work surface and the presentation, students are comfortable in any position - making long sessions, shared computers and tutoring easier and noticeably boosting visual perception and level of concentration.

flipIT® LCD workstations offer plenty of legroom, 26" wide keyboard platforms with plenty of mousing surface and a CPU compartment large enough to handle all but the largest CPU cases.

flipIT® offers a variety of configurations and workstation widths to take full advantage of all of your usable space and help meet classroom density requirements and the multiple units reduce the cost.

Text or Technology?

The answer is: both!

Textbooks and note pads can take up the entire desktop, or can sit on the ledge in front of the screen. Now that widescreens are the norm, the flipIT K23 is now the popular choice.

flipIT doublee computer desk

Even More Leg Room!

This variation of the flipIT® Desk now has Brig or Li'l Brig CPU holders side-mounted, replacing the bulkier CPU cabinets. This give full IT access, asset security, and more knee space.

The flipIT® K23 comes with a wider dual-arm keyboard tray, so you have even more room to work.

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fflipIT widescreen double computer desk

CPU holder side mount detail

The CPU holder is fastened to the desk side panel with screws, providing a mounting system that is easy to install, but a deterrent to theft.

Side mounted Li'l Brig CPU holder with WireWonder™ cable managers

Lots of open space with cable organization well provided for. WireWonder™ Cable Managers are worth the upgrade if you have small components, or a number of cables to bundle. The 10 foot cord of the power strip easily fits in the WireWonder™.

fflipIT DUO multi-Monitor System

flipIT DUO Multi-Monitor Mounting System is a power-user option. The 60", 66" and 72" width FI Series Computer Desks can be outfitted for dual screens and a single CPU tower. Ideal for use with the latest dual core technology with multi-head graphics cards. Split views over two screens: one screen for the document and another for the tools. Great for one-on-one coaching, collaboration, and team computing assignments.

flipIT DUO dual monitor computer desk

WireWonder™ Cable Manager Logo
Cable Manager & Organizer

Click picture to see larger image in new window.

WireWonder™ Cable Manager

New from CBT/SMARTdesks! This cable manager has a huge 2.5" x 3.375" inside dimension to handle a large bundle of power and data cables. All steel construction, black powder coated finish. Made in USA.

WireWonder™ WWC8 Wire Management Cable Manager by CBT-SMARTdesks

WWC8 WireWonder™ Cable Manager
7.5" length
Shown on Quark™ for laptop application.

WireWonder™ Cable Manager by CBT-SMARTdesks

WWC18 WireWonder™ Cable Manager
17.625" length
Shown on modesty panel, typical of any of our products.

Wire management by WireWonder™ is available in two lengths: 7.5" and 17.625". Wire management channel may be installed with wood screws to vertical or horizontal surfaces. You can store small components, such as laptop transformers, right in the cable manager. Small components may also be strapped to the WireWonder™ Cable Manager with cable ties. Wrap excess cable around the mushroom tops for a neat, temporary installation that stays put in use.

If you need more capacity, specify the upgrade!

Options Include:
Standard Features:
FI Series Information
  • Dual-wheel Locking Casters
  • Desk Top Privacy Panels
  • Locking Keyboard Tray Locks The flipIT™ Mechanism
  • Laptop Power/Data Ports
  • Surge-Suppressed Power Strips and Power Control Consoles
  • Rear Access Panel
  • Cable Management Accessories
  • Task Lighting (variety of fixtures) mounted in the work surface
  • Locking doors and other security devices
  • Work surface Headset Grommet
  • Desk-to-desk angle connectors
  • Writing tablet returns and pull-outs
  • flipIT™ integrates desk and LCD monitor
  • Standard VESA mounting bracket for 100mm and 75mm mounting screws
  • flipIT® K-19 is for 20" widescreen monitors with 19.25" case width. K-23 is for widescreen monitors up to 23.25" case width
  • Integral Wire Management™ provides horizontal and vertical cable chases
  • Conceals and protects desk-to-desk and desk-to-access-point wiring and connections.
  • Ample single and double CPU bays supply larger CPU cases with plenty of "breathing room"
  • Integrated 26" wide keyboard platform
  • 3mm PVC edges provide durable, soft and attractive protection.
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flipIT® LCD Display Support System is offered in 2 sizes:

FIK-19 is for 16:9 aspect ratio 20" LCDs with case width up to 18.875" (479.425mm) Please note that some widescreen LCDs have case widths OVER 19 inches. 19" is a friction fit. Specify FIK-23 for larger widescreen LCDs.

FIK-23 is for 16:9 widescreen LCDs with case width up to 23" (584mm)

These models are also available without keyboard tray and have T-handle cable releases to actuate opening. Key locks are optional.

flipIT Max case dimensions:  FIK19 = 18.875  FIK23 = 23.25

24" widescreen monitors require the flipIT® 23. Please check the specifications of your monitor case width to be sure of compatibility.

The flipIT® Kit is now available without keyboard

FIH-19 and FIH-23 are available without keyboard tray and have T-handle cable releases to actuate opening. Key locks are optional.

flipIT Cable Release


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