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flipIT Computer Desks, Metal Computer Desks by SMARTdesks

Computer Desks with Genuine flipIT

The real flip up, flip top computer desk

flipIT® Convertible Desktop US Patent No. 7,784,412
flipIT® Laptop Safe US Patent No. 7,757,612

flipIT LCD Monitor Support
flipIT Kits
The Original Filp Top

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Widescreen flipIT LCD Desks

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SMARTdesks Computer Desks with Genuine flipIT Flip Up Displays

Multi-Use Computer Desks for multi-purpose classrooms and computer labs!

These SMARTdesks Computer Desks are perfect for the computer classroom. Metal base cabinets offer long lasting performance at a modest price. The genuine, patented flipIT® display makes this a multi-use desk because computer displays flip up for use and flip out of the way when computers are not in use.

flipIT flip top computer Classroom Desk FI Metal Desks PDF brochure

flip-up-computer desks by SMARTdesks

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The Flip Chair Computer Chair

Fits the flipIT Desk like a glove. Comfortable, height adjustable and folds to stow under the desktop for clear aisle ways between classes. Available with fixed or height adjustable arms. Fully upholstered back and seat, black dual casters, 5-star black plastic base, 3.5" standard height adjustment, swivel-tilt with upright lock, black plastic frame.

flipIT Metal Desk with flip chair that stows under the desktop
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Go from text to technology in seconds!

Textbooks and note pads can take up the entire desktop, or can sit on the ledge in front of the screen.

Technology is organized and out of the way. Optional CPU holder suspends the CPU from a beam that spans the modesty panel. Holder expands up to 8 inches to accommodate large towers.

Large wire manager organizes cables. Mount optional modular power for easy access. Data connector plate can be specified in front center position.

flipIT Flip Up Computer Desk Features for Multi-Use, CPU holder and wire manager with optional modular power

Designer Ventilation Perforations

Is there a corporate image treatment you'd like for your classroom? Add a custom laser cut to your modesty panel with your motto or slogan in Morse Code. (Spell out your message using the language of the first text messengers).

flipIT Metal Desk option for laser cut designer customization

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flipIT® LCD Display Support System is offered in 2 sizes:

FIK-19 is for 16:9 aspect ratio 20" LCDs with case width up to 18.875" (479.425mm) Please note that some widescreen LCDs have case widths OVER 19 inches. 19" is a friction fit. Specify FIK-23 for larger widescreen LCDs.

FIK-23 is for 16:9 widescreen LCDs with case width up to 23" (584mm)

These models are also available without keyboard tray and have T-handle cable releases to actuate opening. Key locks are optional.

flipIT Max case dimensions:  FIK19 = 18.875  FIK23 = 23.25

24" widescreen monitors require the flipIT® 23. Please check the specifications of your monitor case width to be sure of compatibility.

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