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SnapFlex™ SF Series
Computer Desks + Workstations

for Semi-Recessed CRT or LCD Monitor Placement (depending on choice of snap-in desktop)

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Product Info

You can make a commitment to technology today and change tomorrow without worrying
about the furniture.


SF CRT version

This SnapFlex desk is set up for CRT monitors.

SF FS version

Snap in the desktop panels for use with LCD flat screens, and gain more desktop space!

SF in use

DSF-723628-C2F ~
SNAPflex™ with LCD display

assembly of CRT version Assembly FS version
The Snapflex™ concept is to buy computer desks for your CRTs today, and economically upgrade the desktop when you buy LCD flat-screens in the future. If you want a great LCD desk, this is a fine alternative to the FP Series.

SnapFlex system components

Modular customization is applied to your initial configuration and to changing future needs. You don't have to buy all new desks—only the panels you need to upgrade.

Headset + tasklight detail

SnapFlex™ options for task lighting, headset phone jacks and data port facilitate cognitive learning.

Snapflex™ Engineering
  • Handles all LCD displays or up to 19" CRT monitors without wasted surface area.
  • Fixed system requires no adjustment once assembled to your requirements.
  • Rich, clean, panel-based design is easy to touch and won't snag clothes or bookbags.
  • Modular construction offers easy assembly in 5 minutes with simple tools.
  • Protects valuable equipment, wires and cables from damage and abuse.
  • Access to cabling does not require removal of CPU to make connections.
  • For IT maintenance, snap off the rear deck to access CPU connections and cables.
  • Exclusive Convertible CPU Cabinet™, accommodates mid-tower or desktop CPU.
  • Additional storage (for headsets, media, etc.) on a shelf above the CPUs.
  • Accommodate all LCD displays or up to 19" CRT monitors without wasted surface area.
  • Fine furniture detailing with decorative PVC trim, full height modesty and side panels.
Snapflex™ Ergonomics:
Standard Pricing
  • Provides a balance between computer and paper-based training materials.
  • Takes up less space than a similar desk with a pull-out keyboard tray.
  • The 16" deep, keyboard/mouse and writing platform is full-width at 28"h.
  • Provides more writing surface than a table with a computer on top.
  • Maintains an unobstructed line-of-sight between student and instructor
  • Positions the monitor within the students natural field of view.
  • Provides plenty of surface area for texts and writing materials.
  • Standard pricing in 8 MCP (melamine-coated partical board) finishes and 14 PVC edge trims choices.
  • Many other laminate finishes on worksurface and/or base panels are an available option - Thousands of possible combinations.
SnapFlex Options:

SF Series Information
  • 20" extra-deep keyboarding/writing surfaces to be used with LCD monitors.
  • Inexpensive replacement rear decks enable you to change the way Snapflex™ functions without buying new furniture.
  • Task lights in a variety of styles and output mount in rear deck grommets.
  • An assortment of Power/Data Ports are available to enable you to connect laptops, printers and other peripherals.
  • Headset Grommets provide a rear deck jack to connect to the CPU.
  • Keyboard holster, mounted to the modesty panel, clears the worksurface when needed for other functions.
  • Pullout shelves and locking utility drawers offer additional storage and accessibility.
  • CPU bay is sized to be fitted with optional rack-mount standards.
  • Locking CPU bay doors and cable locks are available security options.
  • Locking dual-wheel casters offer mobility for easy room rearrangement.
  • Custom sizes and configurations available to meet special needs and situations.
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