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NOVA desks by SMARTdesks
Glass-top Computer Desks

Sub surface mounted LCD or CRT monitors and CPUs. The original multi-use computer classroom solution.

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NOVA desks by SMARTdesks

These are the self-same multi-purpose computer desks that have been making computers and monitors disappear from the desktops of classrooms since their introduction in 1990.

The Nova Solutions patented, fully-adjustable monitor support system offers the advantages of the Downward Gaze™ Ergonomics. Click to download a pdf to learn more about the design rationale.

NOVA by SMARTdesks computer classroom

Why glass-top computer desks have become popular:

computer desks

Multi-purpose sub-surface desks, NOVA desks by SMARTdesks, offer a number of distinct advantages over other configurations for certain specific applications and circumstances.


Glass-top Computer Desks allows students the opportunity to do research and writing without having to move to a computer lab.

In addition to a clear work area, the fully encased computer is less succeptable to damage, theft or abuse. All cables are concealed and conveniently routed through horizontal and vertical channels within the desk.

Finally, the sub-surface configuration provides an ideal testing environment. With the CRT screen set at the correct depth and angle, total privacy is possible without walls and only a few feet of separation.

computer desks in use
NOVA computer desk
Downward Gaze™ Ergonomics: Your eyes have a natural viewing angle for near work, the same angle you use when reading a book. Nova allows you to view your screen at that same angle.
NOVA desks by SMARTdesks creates a positive, personal learning environment. The recessed-monitor system of the Computer Classroom provides an unobstructed view between students and their instructors, facilitating the learning process. Computer hardware and wiring is more secure from damage or theft and clutter is reduced.
NOVA computer desks in use

These viewing angles and distances are supported by studies in the fields of ergonomics and optometry. We position the computer 30 inches or more from the eye and 20-50 degrees below horizontal eye level, depending on the user’s eye height and posture. By positioning the screen to provide the user with a Downward Gaze™, we address primary physical ergonomic requirements by reducing neck and back strain and visual ergonomics by conforming to the way our eyes work.


NOVA empty computer classroom


NOVAdesks by SMARTdesks Benefits:
  • Unobstructed line-of-sight between teacher and students
  • Creates clutter-free, multi-use work surface
  • Classrooms can be used for more than just computer classes
  • Hardware and wiring are secured out-of-sight and out-of-mind
  • Increases computer document confidentiality

Nova Downgaze Ergonomics

  • The Downward Gaze™ angle provides ergonomic benefits
  • Reduces eye-strain and stress while improving performance
  • Reduced chance of accidental disconnection or vandalism to equipment
  • “Total Access™” removable modesty panel provides for easy wire management by teachers or IT staff.
  • Available in arc- or straight-row classroom arrangement
NOVAdesks by SMARTdesks Options:
  • Worksurface Power/Data Ports
  • Rear Access Panel to CPU bay
  • Dual-Wheel Locking Casters
  • Modification to width, depth and height
  • Task Lighting w/Worksurface Attachment Grommet
  • Locking Security CPU Cabinet Doors
  • Surge-Suppressed Power Strip
  • Headset Port Grommets
  • Angle Connectors
  • Tablet Returns and Pull-outs
  • Articulated Keyboard Arms
NOVAdesks by SMARTdesks Standard Features:

NOVA Series Information
  • Patented Nova fully-adjustable sub-surface monitor placement
  • Tempered and tinted glass viewport cover
  • Stand-up heights available
  • Thermoformed pull-out and lock-in-place keyboard drawer
  • Integral Wire Management™ - Horizontal and vertical cable chases and standardized wire channeling protect and conceal cables, permit easy IT maintenance and enable desk-to-desk and desk-to-access-point wiring.
  • Power strip with 5-outlets and on/off switch
  • Patented viewport trim ring
  • Keyboard/Mouse Platforms with heavy-duty, full-extension Acuride® glides
  • 3mm PVC Edge-Banding on all exposed edges to provide soft and durable protection for both the furniture and the user
  • Tinted, tempered glass monitor window protects equipment, and provides a totally clear work area.
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