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Gulf Coast StateCollege Opens
Advanced Technology Center
Featuring SMARTdesks Custom Furniture Designs

Gulf Coast State College, in Panama City, Florida, has just opened its Advanced Technology Center (ATC) – one of the most sophisticated learning centers in the country. Florida Architects, Inc. turned to SMARTdesks for custom furniture designs for “Learning Convergence”, enabling students to collaborate in technology clusters within open architectural spaces.

Mission Critical to ATC’s “learning convergence” environment:
Custom designed SMARTdesks furniture.

“Learning convergence” refers to areas where students can work or have class while collaborating or using information technologies. Following this thread, the ATC has no corridors in its buildings; all floors are open architecture with open, collaborative zones where students can gather around technology clusters.

Advanced Technology Center (ATC) at Gulf Coast State College, Panama City, Florida

The SMARTdesks design team engaged in dialogue with Florida Architects to assess the very space-specific needs of the ATC, launching a synergistic relationship that would ultimately lead to the completion of a world-class facility.

The success of the ATC depended on optimizing the utility and flexibility of every space within the building. Standardized, traditional furniture would not prove satisfactory. Joe Sorci, director of design at Florida Architects, was the head architect for the entire project, and as the building progressed, it became clear that cutting edge furnishings for the ATC were going to be difficult to find.

The SMARTdesks team developed furniture that, according to Mr. Sorci, “fits the style and statement of the building.” For example, the Exchange tables are comprised of triangular modules that can be arranged into hexagon, pinwheel, wave, and triangular combinations, depending on the needs of the students and educators for each project.

READ the press release about the Grand Opening October 11, 2013


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