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EZ-Cinch CPU Holder hold any size CPU under desk or computer table
CPU Holder

EZ Cinch™ CPU Holder fits any CPU Tower Cpu or Small FForm Factor CPU

EZ Cinch straps any size CPU,
large or small, to a heavy duty
metal bracket.



EZ Cinch CPU holder holds any size CPU

This family of CPU holders is designed to hang the CPU in the negative space of our C-Leg. The leg helps protect the CPU from accidental damage from custodial maintenance. Knee space is maximized and risk of a collision is minimized. The CPU is suspended above the floor, and the user has full access to cables and drives.

The mounting bracket may also be used without the C-Leg, installing directly into the table top.

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The Brig CPU Holder Maximum Security for Tower CPUs
Maximum Security CPU Holder

The Brig CPU Holder gives users easy access to cable connections and drives. Unlike simple open shelves or J type holders, passers by can't pick up the CPU in two seconds and disappear. Carbon steel bars fit closely to the sides, and flanges on front and rear pans contain the CPU, preventing removal from the CPU holder.

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The Brig maximum security CPU Holder

The Li'l Brig CPU Holder for small form factor CPUs
Maximum Security
Small Form Factor CPU Holder

Safe behind carbon steel bars, small form factor CPUs are confined to quarters. Sleek in-line design keeps CPU off the floor, away from hard knocks, protected by the C-Leg system of Pi™ and HorizonLine™ computer tables.

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CPU Holder in-line design for safety and space savings CPU holder keeps CPU off the floor, safe from theft.

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