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Motif Modular Computer Conference Table
  • Motif CTI Conference Table
    Motif is SMARTdesks' Original Modular Computer Conference Table

    Think of each module as a flipIT double classroom desk. Arrange these modules face-to-face and as long as you need to serve the activities in the space. There are subtle differences between Motif and double flipIT classroom desks. For example, notice that these are made in mirror image.
  • Motif command center EMT training multi-use training space
    Motif and flipIT® define multi-purpose training spaces

    This training room is primarily used for EMT lifesaving skills. The computer screens convert to a solid table top for CPR practice! Deployed as they are, this becomes a command center for emergency systems. Motif provides the utility and multi-functionality.
  • Motif scales to any space and purpose in the conference room
    Scale Motif to the needs of the activity in the space

    Ask our Design Team for a floor plan and layout based on your needs. This service costs you nothing. Since Motif is a utilitarian, institutionally hardened design, it stands up to high traffic use. An excellent value for those on a budget.

Motif Computer Conference Tables featuring flipIT®

A highly customizable computer conference table with an array of options, the Motif is an ideal choice for modular design flexibility. Easily integrated with our flipIT monitor mounting system, the Motif can give your users on-demand desktop computer or laptop access. A range of configurations is possible, including U-shape, face-to-face and open-ended arrangements.

General Specifications

  • Recessed LCD flat panel displays retain an open line-of-sight between participants
  • flipIT® monitors disappear from view when not needed, converting the computer table to a traditional conference table
  • 10" wide CPU bays
  • Retractable Keyboard-mouse Platform
  • Recessed side panels and overhang at table ends  increase leg room and allow additional seating
  • Data and electric cable access can be located at  any point along table spine
  • Wires and cables are hidden from view and protected from wear, abuse and possible damage
  • Single and double workstation units enable a variety of configurations


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