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Electronic Learning Electronic learning or eLearning is a general term used to refer to computer-enhanced learning.

Many technologies can be, and are, used in eLearning, including:

* screencasts
* ePortfolios
* electronic performance support system
* PDA's
* MP3 Players with multimedia capabilities
* web-based teaching materials
* hypermedia in general
* multimedia CD-ROMs
* web sites and web 2.0 communities
* discussion boards
* collaborative software
* e-mail
* blogs
* wiki
* text chat
* computer aided assessment
* educational animation
* simulations
* games
* learning management software
* electronic voting systems
* virtual classrooms
* podcasts

Most eLearning situations use combinations of the above techniques.

eLearning with SMART desks

Computer Classroom Furniture Considerations

Room arrangement flexibility is usually better than a fixed formation. A fixed arrangement should allow focused sight lines for instruction and small groups for interaction for a blended learning approach.

A flexible arrangement might include tables with casters for mobility and the use of WiFi to reduce the need to be tethered.

Mobile technology, such as laptops, iPods and PDAs might be considered, along with docking for these devices in the furniture, if only for charging.


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