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Jolt - Scoop™ - Swing-Arm Task Light

15" single or 30" double swing-arm
Head: 11.5" x 2.75" x 1.5" | 3-axis joint
Base: Grommet, clamp, wall-mount or weighted available
Material/Finish: Black ABS Plastic
Lamp: 13 watt compact fluorescent
Parabolic louvers

Applications: Designed in France, Scoop™ provides an aesthetic and cost effective solution for low glare environments. .

The 13 watt compact fluorescent lamp is economical, cool-running, long-lasting (10,000 hours). With photometrics (light levels) at 15" above the worksurface of 93 foot candles and silver, parabolic louvers, Scoop™ won't be bothering the next door neighbor or bouncing light off the monitor.

Let the size and layout of the worksurface determine the best arm type and Scoop™ will deliver the light as promised and fold neatly out of the way when not needed.

This fixture is perfect for use on workstations and tables in classrooms where lower light levels are desired but light for reading is required. It is a favorite on lecterns because it is so trim.

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