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Polarized Light Filtering Sleeves

3M™ Polarizing Light Filter Sleeves

Reduce glare problems from existing fluorescent lamps
Reduces direct glare from lighting that may cause visual discomfort
Reduces reflective and veiling glare by 50-80% on reading materials
    and work surfaces at viewing angles of 30-60 degrees*
Easy-to-install sleeves with protective end caps
Slip over existing tubes in under-shelf or overhead fixtures
Will not discolor over time when used in indoor environments
Effective with or without light diffusers
Ultraviolet and heat stable
Safe to use with T8 and T12 diameter linear fluorescent lamps**
Available in 2', 3' and 4' lengths
Lifetime warranty for original purchaser***

*Using an ASTM test at 30 degrees and 60 degree viewing angles with and without a 3M Polarizing Light Filter installed in either the 3M Task Light or a standard fluorescent light fixture. Actual results may vary depending upon the properties of the reflective surface, the position of the viewer and the position of the lamp.
**Not recommended for compact fluorescent, T5 diameter fluorescent or fluorescent lamps greater than 60 watts, all of which may produce excessive heat.
***Please Contact Us for details on Lifetime Warranty.

3M - LF200
Polarizing Light Filter Sleeves for 24" Fluorescent Tubes - 24/case
3M - LF300
Polarizing Light Filter Sleeves for 36" Fluorescent Tubes - 24/case
3M - LF400
Polarizing Light Filter Sleeves for 48" Fluorescent Tubes - 24/case
3M - LF408
Polarizing Light Filter Sleeves for 48"/T8 Tubes - 24/case
3M - LF412
Polarizing Light Filter Sleeves for 48"/T12 Tubes - 24/case

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