Equator Telepresence Computer Conference Tables

Ideal for Telepresence, Teleconferencing, and Distance Learning. Computers, LCD flatscreen monitors and laptops are integrated into conference table.

flipIT® Convertible Desktop US Patent No. 7,784,412
flipIT® Laptop Safe US Patent No. 7,757,612 B2

Let us help you design your Computer Conference Table and your space.

Click on Design Request and give us your room dimensions, the technology choices (if known) and how you want to use the space. Design services are no cost and no obligation.

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No longer in production


Mobile Equipment Cabinets Roll Anywhere—even under the Equator!


CPU and Laptop Equipemnt Sttacker Mobile Cabinet

The Mobile Equipment Stacker Cabinet rolls easily under the Equator™ and anywhere secure storage may be desired.

Mobile Equipment Stacker


Additional CPU or laptop storage is easy with the SPX Mobile Equipment Stacker Cabinet. Equipped with 2 adjustable shelves that allow wires to pass above and below, inside cabinet. Shown with one shelf removed. May also be equipped with rack mounting rails. Rolls on locking carpet casters.

Mobile CPU cabinet

CPU or Laptop Stacking Cabinet rear view

Plenty of access to CPUs, laptops or rack mounted components! Wires pass internally from shelf to shelf and directly from back access cut-outs and side wire grommets.




   Appearance Groups Equator™ is available in two appearance groups,
each with a wide selection of finishes.

Equator Telepresence Conference Table logo
Concerto Series

A concerto is a mixture of materials in concert: wood grain laminates for the top surfaces, solid wood edging and leather laminate blotters backing the flipIT stations.

For a complete offering of finish choices, click here.

Concerto finish and maerials combination

Equator Telepresence Conference Table logo
Sonata Series

The Equator™ Sonata Series features long-lasting, scratch-resistent vinyl finishes which are clad to every contour. The result is a handsome fit and finish that looks rich in every detail.

For a complete offering of finish choices, click here.

Sonata finish combination

Equator™ is available in three foot prints with endless variations of how flipIT LCD
Transformer Systems are placed.

Equator™ TriStar - 151" per side - up to 3 stations per side - seats 12-18 at table
Equator™ Delta - 122" per side - up to 2 stations per side - seats 9-12 at table
Equator™ Concord - 94" per side - up to 1 station per side - seats 6-9 at table

Equator Telepresence Conference Table logo


Twelve flipIT LCD Systems define the fully-equipped Equator™ TriStar 12. Of course, you may customize the number and placement of flipIT Systems for your requirements.

TRIAD TriStar with 12 flipIT LCD Systems

Equator™ TriStar 12

151" each side; 101" corner to side

12 at flipIT® stations
18 at table


Equator™ TriStar 3
As seen in photographs.

When you request a quote, specify Equator™ TriStar and number of flipIT stations desired. In the comments box on iQuote, describe the placement of the flipIT stations you desire.

Please designate Concerto or Sonata appearance group in the Options box on the iQuote form.

For example, the TriStar 6 may have 2 stations per side or 3 stations on 2 sides as shown.

The TriStar 3 may have one station per side, one station per corner or three stations on one side as shown.

You might also specify Equator™ TriStar 2 for 2 flipIT stations where you designate, or Equator™ TriStar 1 with one flipIT station where you designate.


Equator™ TriStar 6

151" each side; 101" corner to side

6 at flipIT® stations
18 at table

Equator Telepresence Conference Table logo


Nine flipIT Stations appoint the fully-equipped Equator™ Delta. Stations are positioned up to two per side and on the corners. You may not always need this configuration, so certain flipIT Systems may be locked down to facilitate which players have access to computer systems.

Equator™ Delta 9

122" each side; 81" corner to side

9 at flipIT® stations
12 at table


Equator Telepresence Conference Table logo


Six flipIT stations are maximum for the Equator™ Concord. Stations are positioned one per side or one per corner.

Equator™ Concord 6

94" per side;63" corner to side

6 at flipIT® stations
9 at table

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