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Ergonomic Seating for Executive Training

Executive Seating and Conference Chairs

The corporate training environment requires special attention. The major cost of providing classroom training is productivity lost because of the time it takes. The bigggest hassle is getting your busiest executives to set aside the time to learn new procedures or software. Carefully designed and cognition enabling environments are the solution. Quality seating - selected specifically to accommodate your trainees - is one of the simplest and most effective elements to achieve that goal.

For classroom sessions lasting a half day or longer, features including adjustable back height and angle, seat tilt and arm rests are desirable in order to insure a level of support, comfort and range of motion that encourages cognitive retention and reduces the need for frequent break periods.

Budget is often a determining factor and our pricing covers a broad range, too. Although the higher cost of some SMARTchairs reflect desirable functional, aesthetic and quality enhancements, all of our seating products meet stringent durability and utility standards based on the requirements of each training facility.

Ergonomic Seating for Interactive Conferencing

Unless your conference room is just for show, conference room seating choices must be made based on function and ergonomic comfort. This does not mean that chairs must be unattractive, but rather that they can be relied upon to perform as well as they look.

In every case, our chairs are designed within strict parameters to meet the specific needs of the computer-based training environment. We continualy work to develop new designs - more coming soon - and feel that SMARTchairs™ are the best classroom seating value available today.

We discuss the importance of providing good quality computer chairs and compare classroom seating vs. office seating in greater detail in the Classroom Task Chair Checklist. Feel free to contact the SMARTdesks Design Studio for more information and help with your selection.

Specifications, Features, Fabrics and Options for each chair series are listed in the Quote section.

Conference Room Chair

Dyce®/MB Conference Chair

Executive Chair

Brisbane®/HB Executive Chair


conference room chair

Dyce®/HB Executive Chair

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