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Nesta Flip Top Mobile Conference Tables
  • Custom installation Nesta flip top tables at standing height
    Nesta graces Gallaudet University's Harkin Digital Commons

    A rank of Nesta tables was installed at standing height, by special order. The digital commons area is a place where people come and go with frequent turnover, and the space planners wanted to encourage maximum engagement through standing, and to discourage lounging. Nesta was chosen for its utility, connectivity and long-lasting 3D thermofoil performance in high traffic conditions.
  • Villa II power data connectivity via corded units or DaisyLink modular power
    Villa™ Power Data Connection Box is designed as a part of the DaisyLink™ Modular Power system.

    Beautiful open or closed. Silver powder coating, steel construction. Brush trim. RJ-45 cat 6 data connections are integrated. Make your data connections run parallel to power through J-channel wire managers, supplied.
    If modular power is not desired, Villa II is also offered corded.
  • nesta tables flip for easy transport and compact storage
    The beauty of Nesta™ Flip Top Tables is found under the desktop.

    Nesta™ flip tops fold up and nest for storage, also allowing them to easily roll through doorways to store or set up in meeting rooms, training rooms, conference rooms—anywhere people gather with laptops. In the location, power is a quick connection from table to table.
  • Nesta tables feature daisylink modular power
    With Nesta™ Laptop Tables made vertical, connections are easy to access for setup.

    Nesta™ flip top tables are equipped with DaisyLink™ Modular Power, configured 4 wire, 2 circuit. Your tables don't have to be coded to connect in any particular order. They daisy-chain together from a connector installed in the wall. Connections are made from table to table in seconds.
  • Nesta mobile laptop tables finished in 3D thermofoil
    Finished in 3D Thermofoil for long-lasting performance in high traffic conditions

    Edges are contoured for comfort. 3D Laminates provide a highly flexible surface, which allows them to be membrane-pressed or vacuum-formed to achieve continuous multi-dimensional surface profiles. They can simulate the look of raised panel, jointed, and routered constructions. 3D Laminates provide an increased level of impact, scratch, marring, heat, and abrasion resistance. Select from these colors.
  • Nesta flip top tables with urethane edge treatment
    Finished in High Pressure Laminate with urethane molded edge

    Our urethane formula offers the perfect balance between durability and comfort. Extremely durable -- perfect for heavy use applications such as office, education, healthcare and hospitality. Permanently bonded seams do not allow liquids to seep into and collect at the seam between laminate and the edge. UV resistant material will not change color or break down over time. Select from these colors.


Download Nesta Flip Top Table Specifications

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