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flipIT® Kits | Concealed Monitor Mount | Laptop Safe | Motorless Monitor Lift

  • FlipIT Laptop Safe by SMARTdesks for multi-use workspaces US Patent No. 7,509,912

  • FlipIT Monitor Mount System for multi-use work spaces by SMARTdesks US Patent No. 7,509,912

  • FlipITlift motorless monitor lift for multi-use workspaces by SMARTdesks US Patent No. 7,509,912

flipIT® makes multi-use collaboration spaces possible

Workplace ergonomics:
How flipIT® monitor mounting systems facilitate multi-use environments for greater productivity and collaborative communication.

Ergonomic sight lines are all-important. If you search for the ergonomics of the computer in the workspace on the internet, you will be presented with graphics and statements that the monitor position needs to be lower than your eye-level. Most of these drawings show a computer display mounted on a stand or an arm. The guidelines agree that the distance from the eye to the screen should be at least an arm’s length away.

Education and training have a different set of challenges. Early computer labs, with their rows and rows of screens, had users hidden from everything else in the room. Students had their backs to the teachers. Many times, students faced the walls with their screens in front of them so the teacher could work with them on the same side of the screen.

SMARTdesks was an early adopter of placing screens in a semi-recessed position: a position lower than a display on a stand. This promoted positive ergonomics for reduced neck strain, especially for those who wear bi-focal glasses. Looking downward is natural for reading. A laptop screen on the desktop is a perfect example of the semi-recessed computer display.

Semi-recessed monitor placement also did something more: it opened up the sight lines in a classroom setting. Instructors could see students. Students could see other students, as they could in any other classroom without computers. Communication improved.

Education budgets have a long history of cutbacks. The demand for general classroom space classically competed with the dedicated computer lab. In search of a way to make the computer labs a multi-use classroom, the flipIT® monitor mount system was born.

In use, flipIT® presents the display an arm’s length away in a semi recessed position. If text media is also used, it is staged in front of the display so both can be easily viewed. Sight lines to the instructor and fellow students are also open and unobstructed. And then…

The display flips down and parks under the desk top. The computer goes away. The multi-use computer lab is made possible.

So, there you have it:

  • ideal computer ergonomics
  • multi-use work spaces
  • better communication and productivity.

flipIT® monitor mount system.

Multi-use Workspaces for Collaborative Teaming
...read more about flipIT® collaborative multi-use workspaces

Collaboration has become the model for many training and classroom environments. Now small collaboration groups form and the instructor is a “guide on the side” —no longer standing and lecturing as a “sage on the stage.” Open right lines are a must. Ans so is having options for access to computers—or removing them from the collaboration space as needed.

The corporate collabortive teaming environment requires special attention. 

If you look up “meeting room ergonomics”, the diagrams look different: people see eye to eye. They sit across from each other, or form groups that are able to see eye to eye, but also share a sight line on the same side of a display to share information and point to the screen.

Another scenario: those online meetings where one screen is shared with remote participants. This is essentially one-to-one with a computer monitor. The group setting of this experience is a telecommunication suite where people sit in front of cameras and large video displays, have studio lighting and data screens to view at each end.

What happens when you put flipIT monitor mounts in a conference table? People see eye-to-eye without obstruction, even when computers are used together. People can share screens across the table. They can be in a teleconference space and be seen on camera, viewing data on the screen in their personal space instead of across the room on another big monitor screen. And when the conference table needs to be cleared of computers, flipIT parks the screens under the table.

Rebuild Your Desktop with the flipIT® Kit
US Patent No. 7,509,912

...read more about the flipIT® monitor mounting system

Install the flipIT Monitor Mounting System and rebuild the way your desktop is organized for computing, writing and learning.

The flipIT® has revolutionized the way computer classrooms can be used. This patented device rotates LCDs into a semi-recessed position— perfect for the user to view the screen and to have unobstructed sight lines in the classroom. Computers can be instantly put away when the teaching method shifts from computer use to lecture, demonstration, or focus on textbooks or mobile devices. This opens up lesson plans and makes the computer classroom a truely multi-purpose classroom where computers are not in the way or causing a distraction. flipIT® allows freedom of access under complete instructor control.

flipIT® semi-recessed monitor placement is the ideal solution for computer-based training. Because the LCD monitor is in the visual plane of both the work surface and the presentation, students are comfortable in any position - making long sessions, shared computers and tutoring easier and noticeably boosting visual perception and level of concentration.

flipIT® LCD workstations offer plenty of legroom, 26" wide keyboard platforms with plenty of mousing surface and a CPU compartment large enough to handle all but the largest CPU cases.

flipIT® offers a variety of configurations and workstation widths to take full advantage of all of your usable space and help meet classroom density requirements and the multiple units reduce the cost.

The flipIT Kit® comes with everything you need to mount your new or existing LCD monitor. Must comply with VESA standards (wall mountable). 95% of LCD displays incorporate required 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm mounting holes. Some all-in-ones have stands that cannot be removed, and are not VESA compliant. Some monitors are not VESA compliant, but 3rd party conversion kits may be available. If you are in doubt, please call us, and we can help you determine a compatible choice.

The flipIT System will change the way you view your computer and increase equipment and data security. A lock option is available for the flipIT® Monitor Mount System; a lock is standard with the flipIT Laptop Safe®. Locking kits Meet HIPAA Compliance §164.310 Physical Safeguards restricting access to patient information and Homeland Security requirements.

And all flipIT Kits free up valuable desk space for those times when your computer is not in use.

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