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flipIT Podium with LCD monitor support


flipIT® stand-up computer podiums incorporate SMARTdesks' patented flipIT® LCD mechanism. Provides a semi-recessed view of the display to eliminate any line-of-sight obstruction between instructor and student. The LCD screen is visible to the teacher from behind and to the sides of the podium for freedom of movement while lecturing.

Podiums are 30 inches deep, 42 inches high and are sized in 4 widths: 30, 36, 54 and 60 inches. The narrower versions have storage below and the wider podiums have an additional storage bay to the side.

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Heavy Duty Casters

Heavy Duty Casters

Rear Access Door Panel

Rear Access Door

Side Pull Out Shelf

Side Pull-Out Shelf

Lift-Up Shelf

Lift-Up Shelf

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Time Keeper Event Timer

FC625 Laptop Surge Protector Power Data Port

Power Data Module

Rack Mount

Rack Mount Rails

Foxglove Task Light
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Task Lighting
flipIT 19 LCD Support System for Widescreen LCD monitors

The flipIT System changes the way you view your computer, increases data and equipment security, and frees up valuable desk space for those times when your computer is not in use.

flipIT® Supports all VESA standard LCD monitors, with case width up to 19.25" or 489mm, which includes most 20-inch 16:9 aspect ratio widescreens. flipIT mechanism is keyboard actuated, 26" min. clear worksurface depth required. Includes keyboard pullout and mousing surface. 12mil 0140 Cinder SurfX membrane Inner Surface, Outer lid surface Black .020 thermofused laminate, or unfinished MDF, or matching top worksurface when installed in SMARTdesks furniture.

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flipIT Widescreen Computer Desks
flipIT 23" Widescreen Monitor Support

flipIT® Widescreen Supports all VESA standard widescreen LCD monitors up to 23.25" or 590.5mm outside width. The mounting bracket is hinged to provide 20° (10° forward and back) of adjustment.

Because the cutout is 25" wide, the table top dimensions must be large enough to accommodate 30" width, plus space for table legs. Slightly larger table designs are required.

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