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General Conctruction Specifications

Top Surfaces:
0.048" thick high pressure laminate (Exceeds performance requirements of NEMA LD 3-1995 Grade HGS) bonded to 30mm thick 50# medium density particle board with phenolic resin impregnated backer sheet. All edges are banded in 3mm thick solid, color-thru PVC that has been mechanically applied under pressure and heat. (Laminate Specifications)

Base Panels:
0.020" thick melamine coated finish thermally fused to both sides of 19mm thick 45# medium density particle board. All exposed edges (including bottom edges in contact with the floor - to prevent water damage) are banded in 3mm thick PVC that has been mechanically applied under pressure and heat.

32mm technology employing steel-to-steel (thru-drilled for full panel integrity) socket/cam connections where needed to insure durability and ease of assembly.

Keyboard Hardware:
125# tested Accuride 3/4 extension slides with life-time warranty.

Floor Glides:
All units are provided with adjustable steel leveling glides with vinyl shield that attach to metal inserts in the support panels.

50mm diam. wide-spaced, dual-wheel, 100# load tested, hard (for carpeted surfaces), abrasion-proof plastic; hooded, free-runnning or with brake. Addition steel support is added to panel mounted casters for extra strength.

Sub-Surface Monitor Window:
6mm thick tempered glass; tinted 40%


  • CBT Supply, dba SMARTdesks reserves the right to change these specifications at any time to effect improvements to our products.

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