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The Ultimate iPad Accessory for the Classroom

This iPad accessory is built-in to the classroom furniture to provide iPad security, a constant connection to power, and complete freedom to use iPad features. Perfect for institutional classroom use because iPads never need to leave the desk. Battery life becomes a non-issue, so classtime is productive.

The enclosure is mounted to the rotating flip lid using a screen angle adjustment bracket. It features a port hole for the camera lens for FaceTime sessions. A "no home button" snap-in panel is also provided to block the ability to change the app when used in class. The secure enclosure uses a special hex key not found in stores. The power cord passes through the enclosure and cannot be removed when installed.

Lids are available in black, or selected laminate. Installation rims are black powder coated.

Currently available for installation in SMARTdesks furniture. To order, request a quote for the furniture of your choice and specify in the comments text box that you would like your desks or tables outfitted with the iPad flipIT.

iPad flipIT Features: Constant connection to power, Lock with key for security, positions screens in landscape and portrait, Port hole for camera lens, Home button block out included

iPad flipIT in action:

  • Safer than an iPad Stand
  • Secure enclosure
  • Connect to power
  • Landscape and portrait
  • FaceTime camera
  • Easy access to controls
  • Lock without key
  • Unlock with key
  • No Home Button option

The iPad flipIT Kit®

Not only can you have the iPad flipIT® installed in almost any SMARTdesks furniture product, now the iPad flipIT can be purchased as a kit so it can be installed in your existing furniture.

The desktop must be cut out for the installation, but this can be done by anyone who has basic carpentry skills.

Installing the iPad flipIT Kit

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Ask about how it installs or if it can be installed in SMARTdesks furniture you are considering.

iPad flipIT

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