igroup (R) interactive Origami at play
Collaboration Triangle interactive furniture shape pinwheel collaborative learning furniture shape Maple Leaf collaboration furniture shape
Collaboration Triangle Collaboration Pinwheel Collaboration Leaf

Made up of three mirrored element pairs, the collaboration triangle shape is the new "classic" collaborative furniture shape. People naturally gather around the ends, but may also work side-by-side.

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iGroup Triangle


This pinwheel is made up of six left igroup® elements. Each user area is well defined, but a simple shift in body language includes the neighbors. Angles naturally provide privacy for thoughtful study. Corners become conference areas.

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iGroup Pinwheel


The mirrored elements used for the Collaboration Triangle can be re-arranged to produce this Collaboration Leaf. This combination shape has a corner like a triangle, a side-by-side area, and the pinwheel's returns.

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iGroup Leaf


Laminate colors may be specified from Progressions Laminates, Modus Harmonized Colors. igroup is shown on this page with these colors: WilsonArt 4919-60 Blue Agave, 4916-60 Sweet Corn, 4914-60 Pomegranate. 3D Thermofoil colors may be selected from ModusHarmonized Foils.

the basic element:

The iGroup® element is triangular with a curve on the user's side. Made in mirror image left and rights, iGroup elements assemble to form a myriad of interactive shapes. Get creative with your classroom planning. Change up the arrangement for different group settings. Experiment with different shapes to find out what works best for your students and their learning styles.

Leg heights can be ordered to scale with the size of your student bodies for grades K-12. The standard adult size leg is 28 inches, but can be made to order in a range of 24 to 28 inches.

Locking casters allow easy mobility and stationary performance in use. Available in HPL laminate tops with PVC edge trim (shown) or 3D Thermofoil with contoured edges.


iGroup Element Collaborative Learning Furniture system

Accessories to support high tech
and low tech learning tools

If you are using tablets, Kindles® and iPads®, the iDrawer™ is a great add-on for locked security and a source for 120VAC and USB power for charging. Battery life is no longer an issue, and class time creativity won't lose its spark.

The WhiteWrite Wedge™ is a marker board work surface that is a joining section between mirrored iGroup Elements. These sections are locked in place by interlocking joining plates, which can be easily unlocked if the sections need to be moved for different setups.



iGroup accesorized with WhiteWrite Wedge marker top section, iDrawer iPad Security, wire management and power - data ports

A grommet-mounted LCD arm can be added. See our LCD arms to select one that's right for you.

Power data ports can be added, such as the FC600; a cable pass-through port is standard. A nylon fabric modesty panel, stretched over a steel frame, is suspended on the long side. A hook & loop closure panel provides wire management. A SnapChase™ wire manager can be specified—a U channel that snaps to the leg to conduct cables from the floor to the modesty panel and top side.

iGroup Collaborative Learning Furniture with LCD Arm, Wire Management

iPad flipIT logo

Perfect for using the school's iPads in class. They are always under power, store under lock and key, and allow full use of the touch screen and FaceTime camera. A Home Button blockout tab is incuded so the instructor can prevent students from playing with other apps in class.

iPad flipIT now avaiable for iGroup as an accessory option

To specify, use the comments box on the QuoteMe page. Say: add iPad flipIT.

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iGroup with iPad flipIT

iGroup Library Furniture for iPad with iPad flipIT

iGroup with iPad flipIT in the Johnson Public Library,
Hackensack, New Jersey.

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  Start a dialog with our Design Center now. The service costs you nothing. Give us the size of your room and your input about how you want to use the space. Describe your teaching technologies and methods. We will develop floor plans, pushing these iGroup Elements® around with you to make the perfect space, aligned with your goals and objectives.

How to place power and data everywhere without lumps, bumps or core drilling:

Along with Furniture, get a FFIT cable management solution.
....Get an estimate for a complete power and data cable management system to go along with your SMARTdesks furniture.


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