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iGroup Active Learning Classroom Tables
  • iGroup active learning classroom at Gulf Coast State College
    iGroup Active Learning Classroom at Gulf Coast State College, Advanced Technology Center

    The Linear Offset configuration was selected for these active learning groups. These feature Villa II modular power and data ports that hub off of the custom rack mount cabinets that we made to their requirements.
  • iGroup active Learning Classroom Tables set in linear Offset
    iGroup Linear Offset is made with 2 Lefts and 2 Rights.

    The advantage of the Linear Offset arrangement is that people sit facing together in a non-confrontational way. People sit in a semi-circular arrangement. Matched pairs can be used together in different ways. 3 matched pairs makes a larger arrangement.
  • iGroup mirrored pairs make maple leaf and triangle arrangements
    3 matched pairs make a Maple Leaf or a Big Triangle

    We call the single matched pair on the right a "beetle." Three beetles make a triangle. Reverse the positions of the middle pair to make a maple leaf. Collaboration groups naturally form around corners. The triangle has three; the maple leaf has five collaboration corners.
  • 30-degree wedges connect Beetles
    30-degree wedges connect Beetles for more possibilities

    This Rugby Ball arrangement breaks up the side-by side placement of two Elements. Two Beetles become connected so three may work on each long side of the Rugby Ball. These four collaboration corners make a hard-working arrangement. Ask the Design Team about your range of alternatives.

  • A mirrored pair + a 30-degree wedge = a Wing

    This arrangement might go along a wall. It's half a Rugby Ball. You might also use it with a wall-mounted video display for a huddle arrangement. The 30-degree wedge is shown in a contrasting color, but it may also match its wings.
  • Six lefts make a pinwheel, abstract or hexagon active learning arrangement.
    Q: What is "the same" about these three arrangements?

    A: They use the same number of same-shaped iGroup Elements. Six Lefts are secured together to make the Pinwheel, the Abstract (...well, what would you call it?) or the Hexagon. Each of these arrangements offers six collaboration corners.

iGroup Active Learning Classroom Tables

The iGroup® element is triangular with a curve on the user's side. Made in mirror image left and rights, iGroup elements assemble to form a myriad of interactive shapes. Get creative with your classroom planning. Change up the arrangement for different group settings. Experiment with different shapes to find out what works best for your students and their learning styles. Leg heights can be ordered to scale with the size of your student bodies for grades K-12. The standard adult size leg is 28 inches, but can be made to order in a range of 24 to 28 inches. Locking casters allow easy mobility and stationary performance in use. Available in HPL laminate tops with PVC edge trim or 3D Thermofoil with contoured edges.

The video below shows a demonstration of iGroup's mother, the Exchange. The only difference is size: iGroup is scaled for use with tablets and laptops, while Exchange is able to accommodate flipIT products and larger monitors.

Please consult our Design Team for some ideas about putting iGroup or Exchange in your Active learning space. There is no charge for this service.

General Specifications

  • iGroup Element dimensions: 42w x 30d x 28h
  • Available with or without locking casters
  • Shown with hanging mesh wire management modesty panel with hook-loop closures
  • iGroup Elements have interlocking plates to unitize the arrangements selected
  • May be accessorized with power data ports to suit.
  • IGP-SET6-LR Collab Triangle: 3 Left and 3 Right
  • IGP-SET4-LR Exchange Linear Offset: 2 Left and 2 Right
  • IGP-SET4-LR Video Conference: 2 Left and 2 Right
  • IGP-SET6-L Collaboration Pinwheel: 6 Left
  • IGP-SET6-L Collaboration Hexagon: 6 Left


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