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iMac and Mac Desks and Tables

Computer Classroom Furniture for Apple Computer Products:
iMac Desks, iMac Tables, Mac Pro Desks, MacBook Laptop Tables.

mac Furniture products iMac Computer Tables and Desks take advantage of Apple Computer's unparalleled industrial design. CBT/SMARTdesks iMac Computer Tables fit iMac 24, iMac 20,and Apple 24" Cinema Displays. Our flipIT® Laptop Safes featured in MacBook Laptop Tables and MacBook Pro Laptop Desks. Our flipIT® for LCDs outfit our flipIT® Desks and Tables for Apple 24" Cinema Displays.
iMac Table iMac Desk iMac in MacTable Mac Pro and iMac Desk MacBook® and MacBook Pro® with Laptop Desk featuring flipIT® Laptop Safe
Our MacTable™ puts iMac 20® and iMac 24® in the classroom. iMac is mounted semi-recessed for open sight lines. Beautiful from every angle! The FP Series Desks for MacPro® and iMac® are available with or without CPU bay for MacPro® storage. Mac mini fits on monitor shelf. Check out the FP Series! Newpath™ Laptop Desks for MacBook® and MacBook Pro® feature attractive contoured design. flipIT® Laptop Safe protects MacBook—locks in desk. Get the story!
iMacs® and Apple®24" Cinema Displays integrate into MacTable™ for the Mac® Computer Classroom MacTable™ for iMac and Mac Pro Computers

The Mac Table is styled for iMac® 20" and 24" computers. Apple® 24" Cinema Displays have the same footprint, and work well with this table design. iMacs stand on an adjustable depth shelf. The semi-recessed arrangement gives open sight lines in the classroom, so teachers and students can see eye-to-eye, and everywhere else!

Retained in the well, the iMac is protected against being knocked off of the desktop by the casual passer-by. Solid and stable 2" diameter steel legs are designed for open access. The angles of the legs and modesty panels complement the angles of the iMacs, themselves.

MacTable with iMac with ways to store keyboard & mouse

Angles for Stability

A Quick Set Aside

Space for Storage

MacTable's legs provide a stable base, just like the iMac stand, itself. The congruent angles work on the levels of function and esthetic. The user's angle of view is demonstrated, too. The low screen position prevents neck and eye strain. With open sight lines, presentations and demonstrations using other methods are possible. A computer table with a pencil tray, and enough space on either side of the iMac to park the keyboard and mouse out of the way. Simple and elegant. It's easy to stow the keyboard and mouse on the iMac support shelf. If you are using the Apple® Cinema Display, a Mac mini® and monitor power supply can sit neatly on the shelf, as well.
iMac Table showing wire management and power strip The WireWonder™ Cable Manager lets you place small components, such as power supplies, in its 2.5" x 3.375" channel. Mount a power strip above it and daisy chain power from desk to desk. Excess wire is easily wrapped around WireWonder's "mushroom tops." WireWonder™ Cable Management Channel

The red model number indicates overall dimensions:

top width x depth x height.

Single Table SMC-362628-xxx-s Thermofoil Finish
Single Table SMC-422628-xxx-s Thermofoil Finish
Double Table DMC-662628-xxx-s Thermofoil Finish
Double Table DMC-742628-xxx-s Thermofoil Finish


iMac MacTable Computer Lab Classroom Furniture

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iMac Computer Classroom Desk for iMac 20 , iMac 24, and Mac Mini with Apple 24 Cinema Display

FP Series
Computer Desks become an extension of your iMac

iMac 20 and iMac 24 fit into the SFP-302628 FP Series Computer Classroom Desk. These iMac desks are identical. iMacs sit on an adjustable depth shelf. iMac drives and connections are easily accessed. Keyboard and mouse may be placed on the shelf for storage if the desktop is needed for a writing surface. The desktop is large enough to share the area with books, too.

iMac 24 in SMARTdesks Apple Computer Desk fits iMac 20, iMac 24 and 24" Apple Cinema Display
Apple Mac Mini and Aple 24" Cinema Display, top view instaled in SMARTdesks computer desk FP Series The same FP Series Computer Desk works with the 24" Apple Cinema Display with Mac Mini or Mac Pro.The power supply for the display and the Mac Mini sit on the adjustable depth shelf with the Apple Cinema Display. Top-side access to connections and drive is easy and intuitive, just like the Mac! Aple 24" Cinema Display with Mac Mini instaled in SMARTdesks FP Series Computer Desk
iMac 20 in Apple Computer Desk, semi-recessed monitor position Apple Computer Desk with Apple 24" Cinema Display, Mac Mini, and Wire Manager
The same FP Series Computer Desk can be used with both iMacs and the Apple Cinema Displays. The display is presented in a semi-recessed position, both for user comfort and to keep sight lines open in the classroom. Keyboard and mouse can be stored on the shelf with the iMac as needed. The SFP-302628 Mac Desk holds the Apple Cinema Display or iMac on a shelf, adjustable for user comfort in 1/2" increments. Semi-recessed LCD "all-in-one" desk with monitor well and adjustable shelf, integral wire management. 30mm MDF top finished with high pressure laminate; 19mm thermofused melamine base panels and shelf; all edge banded with 3mm PVC. European steel-to-steel pin/cam construction, thru-drilled for full panel integrity. 1" leveling floor glides, J-channel wire management standard, consider upgrade to WireWonderâ„¢ Cable Manager. 80mm side access grommets.

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FP Series Mac Desks

Available in singles and doubles.

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Newpath™ Laptop Desk Logo for CBT Supply, Inc.

Laptop Desks for MacBook and MacBook Pro

Laptop Desks with flipIT® Laptop Safes complement
Apple Macintosh MacBook!

MacBook Pro Laptop Table

Double MacBook Laptop Desk

Newpath™ Laptop Desks feature contoured arched panels and radiused corners. Top is 30 mm MDF finished in HPL, base is 19mm melamine, all trimmed with 3mm PVC edge banding. 1.25" (31.75mm) steel floor leveling glides with 3/4" (19mm) adjustment. J-channel wire management on modesty panel, 80mm side access grommets.

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Newpath Laptop Desks with flipIT Laptop Safe

Available in singles, doubles and triples.



MacBook Pro Laptop Desk with flipIT® Laptop Safe open and closed with books

Multi-Use Laptop Desk

The flipIT® Laptop Safe lets you store the MacBook safely in a locked chamber while you use books and take notes with pad and pen.

If you are implementing a One-to-One laptop initiative, you know the common issues are low batteries, laptops left at home, or broken laptops. Newpath™ Laptop Desks provide power to the laptop, so battery power is not required. Power connections can be maintained in the closed and locked position, so batteries can charge even when stored.

The school may provide spare laptops for use when students forget and leave them at home. The spares can be stored in the flipIT® Laptop Safe, tethered so they never leave.

Protect your MacBooks! Instead of having to return them to a separate charging cabinet, the flipIT® Laptop Safe stores them at the point of use. Less likelihood of dropping them and breaking them. Plus, you save the class time it would take to distribute and collect.


Newpath™ available in 2 sizes and with
flipIT® Laptop Safe L18 or
L23 widescreen for MacBook Pro 17".

DNP-602428-L18-5 Newpath™ Double Laptop Desk
Sized 60w x 24d x 28h
(152.4cm x 60.96cm x 71.12cm) with 2 flipIT® Laptop Safes L18
Shown above with MacBook Pro 17", but we recommended flipIT® L18 for
MacBook 15" and 13" for maintaining power connection in locked position .

DNP-662428-L23-5 Double Laptop Desk
Sized 66w x 24d x 28h
(167.64cm x 60.96cm x 71.12cm) with 2 flipIT® Laptop Safes FIL23 widescreen.
Recommended for MacBook Pro 17" to maintain power connection in locked position.

flipIT® L23 is recommended for MacBook Pro 17" Laptop so power and data connections may be maintained when Laptop Safe is closed and locked.
MacBook Pro 17" in flipIT® L23 Widescreen Laptop Safe. A perfect fit!
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