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The way
iMac® Classrooms are done.

iMac Classroom Furniture--iFlip Technology Tables, Desks & flipIT

flipIT's semi-recessed position places the screen in full view just below the horizon line, maintaining an unobstructed line-of-sight between student and instructor. Great for users with bi-focals, too.

flipIT US Patent 7,047,890
Other Patents Pending

The iFlip™ Computer Classroom Table provides secure support for the most incredible educational computer available today: the iMac®.

The perfect complement to Apple Computer's ergonomic industrial design genius, iFlip™ permits you to mount the iMac® directly to SMARTdesks' patented flipIT® mechanism so it may be rotated into the ideal ergonomic position for computer training or rotated under the desktop for safe and secure storage and a clear worksurface, allowing your classroom to be used for training activities not involving computers.

Adjustable screen angle!

The patented flipIT® mounting bracket lets you adjust your iMac to the ideal angle for operation, avoid glare and adapt to individual seating height.

It's easy and intuitive:
Just move it and it stays put.

flipIT® reproduces the ergonomic adjustability of the original iMac support stand, but now, because the computer is no longer just standing on the desktop, the technology is not likely to end up either on the floor or out the door.

iMac® can be angled for best ergonomics
iFlip™ Computer Tables and Desks, with flipIT® are
Designed Especially for iMac® Platform

flipIT is designed for iMac G5 systems

flipIT® retains full access to the iMac® optical drive and cable outlets.

Keep iMacs safe when not in use.

When flipIT® is closed and locked, the technology is secured. The classroom can be used for other activities.

flipIT logo

The patented flipIT® keyboard on the iFlip™ incorporates Acuride® ball-bearing glides (the industry standard), a steel platform with anti-slip keyboard pads and integral ergonomic hand pull with our trademark acrobats intricately laser-cut in the face.

Not only does flipIT® support the iMac® specifically, but also any VESA standard LCD display (up to 17.5" case width) .

The polyester-resin mousing platform slides side-to-side underneath - perfect for right - or left-handed users.

The flipIT® Generation II
is available in SMARTdesks
FI Series Computer Desks
and HorizonLine Tables.


iMac® is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. flipIT® and iFlip™ are registered trademarks and service marks of CBT Supply, Inc. dba SMARTdesks.
The flipIT® Kit is now available without keyboard

Includes a cable release to operate the flipIT mechanism. Accommodates standard (15" - 18" and some 19") LCD monitors up to 17.5" wide (outside dimension)

flipIT Cable Release

flipIT Cable Release installed

The flipIT® Cable Release is used when you specify FIH-18, the flipIT Kit without a Keyboard Tray. The 3M KD90 dual arm articulated keyboard tray is shown as an option to replace the flipIT keyboard tray that normally operates the top. FIH-18 includes no keyboard tray, suitable for use with touchscreens.


Download pdf

Download pdf

This pdf answers frequently asked questions about dimensions and clearances for flipIT™ Generation II.

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