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Assembly Instructions  

These assembly instructions are formatted as Adobe PDF files, which can be opened with Acrobat Reader. This is a free application that you may download at the Adobe site. Click on the document picture to download the pdf and print the file for use.

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Unpacking a palletized crate First things first:

How to unpack a palletized crate



dfi instructions
DFI Double flipIT Desk

Download pdf assembly instructions for iLid FlipDesk
iLid Flip Desk

isr instructions
ISR Instructor's Desk

sfi instructions
SFI Single flipIT Student Desk

Download instructions for DFP iMac Desk
DFP-602628-xxm iMac Desk

dsr96 instructions
DSR 96-CK9
Double Student Desk

iss instructions
ISS Instructor's Desk

ssr 48 instructions

SSR-44-CK9 Single Student Desk
SSR-36-CK9 Single Student Desk

dsr66 instructions
DSR-66-CK9 Double Student Desk

dsr96 instructions

DSR 88-TK9
Double Student Desk

Download pdf Loci Assembly manual
Loci Carrels Assembly Instructions

SSS Single Student Desk

dss96 instructions
DSS- Double Student Desk
Click to download pdf instructions
flipIT METALdesks
Download Assembly Instructions for MiraVista Desk
MiraVista Glass Top Desk
tsr10 instructions
TSR Triple Student Desk

Watch video to assemble SMARTdesks flipIT MetalDesks
flipIT METALdesks


flipIT Desk Training Video

Click to download pdf
Newpath Laptop Desks

tss instructions
TSS Triple Student Desk

flipIT® Products

Download pdf
flipIT Kits: Monitor Mount System
FIK-19 | FIH-19 | FIK-23 | FIH-23

Download pdf FlipIT Laptop Safe installation Instructions
flipIT FIL-18 and FIL-23 Laptop Safe

Download iPad flipIT instructions
iPad flipIT Installation

flipIT Parts Identification Sheet
flipIT FIK | FIH
Parts Identification Sheet

Download pdf
flipIT Dimensional Considerations
flipIT LOK Kit Assembly Instructions pdf
flipIT LOK Option Kit

Rimless flipIT

Rimless flipIT
Training Video


flipIT LOK Kit Assembly Instructions pdf
flipIT Lift Desk Assembly




Download pdf
MFI flipIT Multimedia Lectern Podium

msr60 instructions
MSR 60 Semi-Recessed CRT Podium

MSR 54 Semi-Recessed CRT Podium

MSR 36 Semi-Recessed CRT Podium

Download pdf instructions for MDT Podium assembly
MDT Desktop Podium

mss60 instructons
MSS 60 Sub-Surface CRT Podium

MSS 54 Sub-Surface CRT Podium


click to download pdf
SPX Mobile Stacker

spx fdl instructions
SPX-243030-FDL Locking Fixed Projector/Doc Cam Cabinet

spx-fxx instructions
SPX-243030-Fxx Open Printer/Storage Cabinet

spx-mdl instructions
SPX-243030-MDL Locking Mobile Projector/Doc Cam Cart

spx fdx instructions
SPX-302430-FDx Locking Printer/Storage Cabinet

spx fxx instructions
Open Tall Storage Cabinet

spx-fck instructions
Network/Scan Station

spx fdx instructions
SPX-362430-FDx Locking Tall Storage Cabinet

Tables & Conference

Download Bi-Level Computer Table assembly instructions
Bi-Level Table Assembly


Download pdf MacTble instructions

Download pdf instructions
Piatto Cube or Drum Base Assembly

Download Cirus Ratchet height adjustable leg instructions
Cirrus Ratchet Height Adjustable

Download PDF HorizonLine Tble assembly instructions
HorizonLine Table

View Video
Nesta Flip Top Tables

Training Video

Download pdf instructions
Piatto Panel Base with Keel Assembly Instructions

DDR Instructions
DL Seminar Table 205 or 201 Legs

igroup Table

PI Table Assembly Instructions
PI Table

Download pdf for Quark™ Mobile Laptop Table assembly instructions
Quark Mobile Laptop Table

exchange with rimless flipIT

iLid Table Assembly Instructions download PDF
iLid Touch Table

Download pdf Piano Duet instructions
Piano Duet , based on Piano 10

Download Quark2 assembly instructions

Rimless flipIT
Training Video



Download Piano assembly pdf
Piano Solo , based on Piano 5

Download Quint assembly instructions
Quint Table with Alex Base

Everything Else

Download Brigg and Li'l Brig installation instructions
Brig and Li'l Brig Installation

Download PDF instructions for FFIT Computer Floor Assembly
FFIT Computer Floor

Click to download pdf instructions for iDrawer mounting procedures
iDrawer Mounting Instructions

download pdf instructions
miniBrig for Mac mini® CPU

Download pdf
Chair Assembly Instructions (typical)

download pdf instructions
Casino Monitor Lift Arm Model 7020

Download pdf Loci Assembly manual
Loci Carrels Assembly Instructions

Download pdf instructions
Piatto Cube or Drum Base Assembly

pdf Download EZ Cinch CPU holder instructions
EZ Cinch Installation

How to Install Heavy Duty Casters to your SMARTdesks Podium
Heavy Duty Casters HDC Podium Installation

Download instructions for mounting WM modesty panel to table
Mesh Wire Management Modesty Panel

Download pdf instructions
Piatto Panel Base with Keel Assembly Instructions




Sidemount Brig Instructions
Side Mount Brig & Li'l Brig Installation

GSA OGS New York State TX MAS