iPad Protection: a lockable storage drawer
with power and data connectivity.

This iPad Accessory provides safe, locked security. iPad may be stored by itself, or in a protective case. Now you can get iPad Security, conveniently in your work space. This locking iPadSafe and Netbook Security Case protects your iPad or Netbook. Inside the Security drawer, 110VAC power outlets and a 10 watt USB power outlet lets you connect iPad for charging without the Apple transformer.

iDrawer™ gives iPad protection, security, power, data…

and gives you a little peace of mind.

Lockable storage in a padded, vented, safe environment. Power and data are served through 110VAC, USB 10watt, plus cable pass-through and connectors of your choosing.

Heavy steel construction with powdercoated finish in white, black or titanium. Compartment inside dimensions 12" x 9" x 2". Install foam blocks to suit your devices.

iDrawer is an iPad Protection Product, a lockable storage drawer for iPad and Netbook
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Lockable storage drawer for mobile devices, with power for charging batteries

A Lockable Storage Drawer for iPad, Netbook and mobile devices, iDrawer is designed for institutional use in schools, colleges, universities, hotels, hospitals… anywhere mobile devices need to be stored temporarily and charged.

Plenty of room for power converters, and other devices that need power, security and charging time. Also stores solar energy shields.



iPad is powered through iDrawer's USB Power connection
Notebook on desktop, powered by iDrawer security drawer Notebook powered in iDrawer security drawer
iDrawer lockable storage for mobile devices, iPad, Netbook

iPad or any mobile device can run connected to power.

Low batteries are no longer a factor. Enjoy extended sessions with uniterrupted service. Now that mobile devices have come of age, store them in a safe, secure lockable compartment. Installs under the desktop where you would normally install a keyboard tray.

The dark grey foam blocks may be cut to size and installed in locations to suit your devices. The blocks prevent abrasion of the devices and create air flow. The compartment is ventilated on front, bottom and back.

A telecom plate can be populated with any connector of your choosing. RJ-45, USB, Firewire, audio, stereo...

MP3 & MP4 charging via USB connector. All you need is your USB power cord. The power strip is the transformer. Three 110VAC outlets serve your specialized transformers if you prefer.

iDrawer details for power and data connections
interior detail of iDrawer

Nice technology furniture. How do you plug 'em in?

Along with Furniture, get a FFIT cable management solution.
....Get an estimate for a complete power and data cable management system go along with your SMARTdesks furniture.


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