flipIT Laptop Safe & Charging Cabinet

Laptop Safe can be used as a laptop charging station, laptop vault, laptop garage

Convenient Laptop Security
that doesn't get in the way

Keep your laptop safe, right where you work. The flipIT® Laptop Safe permits complete power and data wire management and connectivity when locked, so there is no need for an extra laptop charging cabinet for network updates. This saves valuable class time and stress on your valuable laptops!

This laptop vault keeps your laptop safe, and restricts access to data. For healthcare, this lets you comply with HIPAA §164.310 providing physical safeguards, restricting access to patient information. For Department of Defense and government agencies, flipIT® Laptop Safe meets National Security Guidelines described in the Safety Act of 2002.

Proper ergonomics for the computer classroom! The lid opens to a lower profile than the laptop screen, keeping sight lines unobstructed. It can be used at the podium or at computer tables, sized at the right height for laptop use.

flipIT Kit Brochure Get Price for Computer Desks using our quote page.
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flipIT Kit Brochure

Telecom Plate may be customized with any connector combination

flipIT® Laptop Safe Data Connectors

The telecom plate along the wire management pass-through may be customized with data connectors of your choice: DVI connector, VGA , RJ-45 Ethernet, RCA, USB, Firewire, XLR and mini-stereo.

Download this pdf to specify your choices.


Watch the video!

wire management for flipIT 18 Laptop Safe

flipIT® Laptop Safe Wire Management

Cables for power and data easily and safely pass between the mushrooms, but the heavy gauge steel deters theft, denying access to the laptop. Laptop Safe cable catcher makes connections to AV systems and telepresence switchers a breeze. Cable ends remain in the mushroom patch, ready to connect.


Laptop safe used in Equator Telepresence Table

Access security is fast, safe and easy—
Laptop Safe opening
Laptop Safe secure access
Laptop Safe in use
Laptop Safe closing
Laptop Safe security
Laptop safe retracting
Laptop Safe closed and locked
Unlock. Press on the lid and flipIT Laptop Safe opens
Grasp tray and draw it toward you.
Open your laptop and go to work.
Close laptop and grasp lid.
The tray retracts as you close.
And your laptop gently nests.
Safely under lock and key.
Specify the flipIT® Laptop Safe with any SMARTdesk or computer table.
FIL18 flipIT Laptop Safe shown with Mac Powerbook 17" laptop apple and coffeee mug in Shuttle™ Hybird mobile desk podium

You may choose to have our flipIT® Laptop Safe installed in any of our

It's This Easy!

Use a Classroom Design Questionnaire, a Conference Room Design Questionnaire, or Go to the iQuote section, select a flipIT-ready product and note that you want the FIL-18 Laptop Safe installed instead of the FIK-18 LCD flipIT.

Remember that using our classroom Design Service is complimentary and places you under no obligation to purchase. If you are a professional space planner, contact our Design Center and request blocks for your professional software tools.


Nice technology furniture. How do you plug 'em in?
Along with Furniture, get a FFIT cable management solution.
....Get an estimate for a complete power and data cable management system
...........................to go along with your SMARTdesks furniture.


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