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Learning Studio Collaboration Tables:
Collab™ Computer Conference Tables
Learning Studio Pods

Collab™ (short for "Collaboration") are Learning Studio Pods—interactive conference tables shaped for the group dynamics of collaborative learning. These triangular tables—or Pods for Learning Studios—are springing up in universities across the nation and around the world. CBT SMARTdesks has been a proponent of the Learning Studio concept and spaces that make use of flexible student arrangement and multi-use computer and laptop desks, featuring genuine flipIT products.

Learning Studios:
Creating the Space for
Multiple Teaching Methods

CBT SMARTdesks is a resource for helping universities plan Learning Studio spaces. Working with specialists in IT, curriculum, professors and administrators, we utilize online collaboration to bring our product designers, space planners, and our experience working with multiple trades on site to facilitate the specification, manufacturing and installation of complete Learning Studio Classroom Spaces.
Conference Room Design Request form for floor plan
Computer Conference Room
Design Request

Let us help you design your Computer Conference Table and your Learning Studio Space.

Click on Design Request and give us your room dimensions, the technology choices (if known) and how you want to use the space. Design services are no cost and no obligation.

Studies point to these attributes for a successful Learning Studio space:

  • Engagement: Learning Studios must facilitate a direct, conversational relationship between students and faculty, provide easy access to technology, avoid passivity and isolation, and promote instead, active student engagement.

  • Participation: Learning Studios enable small group discussion and faculty circulation around the room, creating a dynamic, supportive environment that encourages participation.

  • Flexibility: Learning Studios give faculty the freedom to use a variety of teaching styles at will and employ a wider range of tools and methods to reach their students.

  • Self-directed Learning: Learning Studios give students ready access to the Internet and online course materials for independent study.

  • Inviting Environment: Learning Studios are comfortable, modern spaces that are different from a “traditional classroom” such that students commit to the mission of learning in the Learning Studio space, and live up to higher expectations.

Collab™ facilitates these primary criteria to create a Collaborative Learning Studio Environment.


CBT SMARTdesks Collab™ Learning Studio Pod Conference TableCollab™ Learning Studio Pods let the teachers direct the students where to sit in the Learning Studio Space for the activity at hand. When informal groups are allowed, a mixture of personal laptops or installed computers or laptops may be used simultaneously. This example shows permanently installed laptops in genuine flipIT® Lapop Safes. Laptops are tethered for physical security and have power and data connections that remain when the laptop safes are closed. Note that the flipIT® Laptop Safes are lower than the laptop screens, so they do not become visual obstructions.

Learning Studio Pod Collab™ Laptop Computer Conference Table

flipIT laptop safe opens in conference table top

School laptops are installed, tethered and connected to power and data at all times. The genuine flipIT® Laptop Safe permits lockable access control. When in use, the flipIT® top is lower profile than the laptop screen, eliminating face-to-face visual obstructions—increasing engagement.

A touch latch keeps the flipIT® lid closed. To open, press on the top and it opens a step. PULL the tray and flipIT® opens automatically. To close, pull the lid down to the midway step, gravity allows the tray to load the laptop into the chamber, then press lid closed to engage the touch latch again. Lock with key as needed.

Flexible Arrangement of Students
in the Learning Studio

The Collab™ Learning Studio Pod houses the university's laptops for use at will. Students may freely use their own laptops and they are served by a pop-up data/power port in the center. Microphones are positioned between each user. A graphic interface with AV is located on the table top.

Students may group together around the ends, as well as the sides, to suit the group dynamics needs at the moment.


Collab™ Learning Studio Conference Table animation
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