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Installing Learning Center Collaboration Tables:
Collab™ Computer Conference Tables for Learning Studio Spaces

The key for Learning Studio Collaboration is Universal Design, which allows flexible, ad hoc groups to form for the activities of learning. The entire Collaboration Studio Environment for Learning Studio Spaces allows students to freely interact student-to-student, student-to-teacher, student-to-computer, and teacher-to-class. Learning Studio Spaces must support everything simultaneously so activities of learning can be changed at will.

Learning Studio Installation:
Learning Studio Spaces for Multiple Teaching Methods

CBT SMARTdesks is a resource for helping universities plan Learning Studio spaces. Working with specialists in IT, curriculum, professors and administrators, we utilize online collaboration to bring our product designers, space planners, and our experience working with multiple trades on site to facilitate the specification, manufacturing and installation of complete Learning Studio Classroom Spaces.
Conference Room Design Request form for floor plan
Computer Conference Room
Design Request

Let us help you design your Computer Conference Table and your Learning Studio Space.

Click on Design Request and give us your room dimensions, the technology choices (if known) and how you want to use the space. Design services are no cost and no obligation.

The Learning Studio Fully Realized:

  • Engagement: This Learning Studio facilitates a direct, conversational relationship between students and faculty, provides easy access to technology, avoids passivity and promotes active student engagement. Screens present material so every seat has access.

  • Participation: This Learning Studio enables small group discussion and faculty circulation around the room, creating a dynamic, supportive environment that encourages participation. Microphones provide sound support for students as well as teacher.

  • Flexibility: This Learning Studio gives the teacher freedom to use a variety of teaching methods, at will, and employ a wide range of tools and methods to reach students.

  • Self-directed Learning: This Learning Studio gives students ready access to the Internet and online course materials for independent study. flipIT® Laptop Safes contain permanently installed university laptops, which can be put away when not required. Pop-up power/data ports permit use of personal laptops in addition.

  • Inviting Environment: This Learning Studio is a comfortable, modern space. Students commit to the mission of learning in the Learning Studio Space, and live up to higher expectations.

Collab Tables by CBT SMARTdesks installed in Learning Center Studio Space

Photo © 2009 Jay Rosenblatt - All rights reserved. Do not copy or use this photo without permission.

Collab™ Learning Studio Pods let the teachers direct the students where to sit in the Learning Studio Space for the activity at hand. When informal groups are allowed, a mixture of personal laptops or installed computers or laptops may be used simultaneously. This example shows permanently installed laptops in genuine flipIT® Laptop Safes. Laptops are tethered for physical security and have power and data connections that remain when the laptop safes are closed. Note that the flipIT® Laptop Safes are lower than the laptop screens, so they do not become visual obstructions.

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Collab Conference Tables

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Collab Delta 6S Collab™
122" per side;
81" corner to side
Model Number Description
CLB-1019229MT6F-L185 Collab Table with FIL-18-5, urethane edge, laminate  
CLB-1019229MT6F-XXX Collab Table (no flipits), urethane edge, laminate   
CLB-1019229WF5F-L185 Collab Table with FIL-18-5, wood edge, laminate      
CLB-1019229WF5F-XXX Collab Table (no flipits), wood edge, laminate       
CLB-1019229-C-L18-5 Collab Table with FIL-18-5, wood edge, veneer        
CLB-1019229-C-XXX   Collab Table (no flipits), wood edge, veneer         
CLB-1019229-S-L18-5 Collab Table with FIL-18-5, thermofoil               
CLB-1019229-S-XXX   Collab Table (no flipits), thermofoil                
CLB-1019229-LP-L18-5 Collab Table with FIL-18-5, PVC edge, laminate       
CLB-1019229-LP-XXX  Collab Table (no flipits), PVC edge, laminate        
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Learning Studio Installation: Preparation

Setting Collab Learning Studio Table Bases

Space and Product Designed Together
The product redesign was approached concurrently with the floor plan and space plan to determine angles of view for large hi-def displays and all possible seating arrangements. Then locations for power and data could be determined in the floor. These would be totally captured by the robust Collab™ Table Base, which was designed specifically for this Learning Center installation.



Collab wire management table base drawing

In the process of developing the Collab™ Learning Studio Pods, refinements were made to the Equator™ Teleconferencing Table. The equilateral shape of the top was ideal for the group dynamics planned, but the cable management and connectivity to laptops and AV controls and sound reinforcement drove innovation.

Concept pop-up power data module

The Concept™
pop-up power & data module, configured with four RJ45 and four 110VAC outlets, is installed in the center of the table to serve personal laptops. The top is pressed to open and close.

Concept pop-up power data modul closed

Collab Learning Studio Table Base Collab Learning Studio Table Base wire management hatch detail
The 8x20 inch access hatch
permits easy IT access. Power and data is supplied from the floor, totally captured by the Collab™ Table base. The housing for the Concept™ can be seen in the open hatch. The base conceals all unsightly cables, but provides easy access.
flipIT Laptop Safe showing data connections

flipIT® Laptop Safe

Metal parts of the flipIT® Laptop Safe have been custom powdercoated silver to match the leg and center column base treatment. This view shows how the wire management pass-through serves the university laptop with a locked tether cable and VGA connection. These connections remain when the unit is closed and locked.

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