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  • Concept power data service port installed
    Collab's central core supports the Concept Pop-Up Power Source

    To serve those bringing their own laptops and tablets to the table, Collab's large diameter center core houses the Concept Pop-Up Power & Data Source. This is installed before the table top is secured, it's that integral to the design. A large hatch provides IT access. Power and data are fed to the base through the floor, and cables are managed to serve the laptops with wire ways that radiate from the central core to the flipIT Laptops Safes®.

    Spring-loaded Concept Roundtop rises from the surface for access to 4 power outlets and two telecom plates, populated with the connectors you specify. Features all-steel construction, two 15 Amp duplexes, on two opposing sides, a 15 Amp circuit breaker, 6-foot power cord with molded plug. Two locations for technology, on two opposing sides. Learn more...
  • Collab Active learning Classroom at Fontana High School 1 How do you get these big Collab tables in an elevator? The tops are made up of three triangular sections, which are splined and locked together. Each section easily fits in an elevator or rolling dolly to get from the loading dock area to the installation location.

    The central core assembly is placed in location and attached. The cantilevers go between the flipIT cutouts to support the top. You can see the six-hole pattern in the top by the installer's left hand. The six-hole pattern in the central core is in line with the access hatch between the cantilevers.

    In this position, you can also see the levelers in the feet of the Doric column legs. These are adjusted to stabilize the top, should there be any unevenness in the floor. The Doric column legs provide stabilization to the top through their attachment plates.
  • SMARTdesks Collab Active learning Classroom Fontana High installation
    How stable is the Collab top? The three top sections are unitized so well, you can hardly detect any deflection as the crew brings Collab to its feet. The seams in the top are very tight and nearly undetectable.

    On this hard surface floor, blankets were spread for the assembly. Now they can be removed and the table placed in its designed position with the central core capturing the power and data lines located in the floor.

    How were these power locations determined for the core drilling? You can do it with CAD modeling, or you can have us make plywood templates of the tops to actually place on the floor itself to mark the locations.

    We also have solutions to avoid core drilling, if you would like to explore that. Our FFIT Computer Floor comes to mind.
  • FlipIT Laptop Safe® gives multi-use desktop management
    The flipIT Laptop Safe® comes out to play!

    SMARTdesks® is the sole source of the patented flipIT Laptop Safe® [US Patent No. 7,509,912] and no other manufacturer is licensed to produce it. SMARTdesks® sells flipIT® products in kit form. Each is installed into the factory-made cutouts.

    Each Collab table has six flipIT Laptop Safes® installed. Each is served with power and data connections from the central core. Institutional laptops may be tethered to the table through the laptop safe. Power and data connections may be maintained even when the unit is securely closed. Passive ventilation permits each flipIT Laptop Safe to be a charging cabinet at the point of use. Learn more...
  • flipIT Laptop Safe operation
    Multi-use Strategy: flipIT LaptopSafe® converts a computer table to a traditional table top.

    Laptops are a great asset for active learning, but having the flexibility to put them away—safely, swiftly and silently—is essential. This multi-use functionality is brought to you by flipIT®. Closed, the laptop is housed securely under lock and key. With the pull of a handle and a pull of the tray, the flipIT Laptop Safe opens like a clamshell.

    The middle image shows a row of "mushroom tops" that permits cables to pass through, but prevents access to the laptop when the unit is closed. The "long mitten" side panels are the sides of the box when closed, and the thumb and hand make the secure interlock with the mechanism. A spring-loaded latch interlocks with the release handle. The keyed lock throws a deadbolt through a permanently attached plate.

    The flipIT® lid is very low profile, so it never becomes a visual obstruction in the active learning classroom—a place where data visualization is everywhere. The "mitten hands" are never in the way when the laptop is in use. SMARTdesks® offers flipIT® products separately as kits. Learn More...
  • installed Collab active learning classroom at Fontana High School
    Collab activates the learning space

    Walk around Fontana High School's Active Learning Classroom. You feel like these are triangular gears that turn as your perspective changes. This reflects the collaborative learning model. Groups interact, communicate, share data and offer different perspectives. Through understanding, consensus is the product.

    And so it is with the working relationship between the teams of Fontana High and SMARTdesks. That is exactly why SMARTdesks builds every classroom to order. The design is nuanced for the technology, the interior design choices, and the space itself to allow for ADA compliant aisle-ways and access. Learn more about SMARTdesks Design Services...

Collab Active Learning Classroom

This Active Learning Classroom is custom made for Fontana Unified School District (A.B. Miller High School),  Fontana, CA

Designed and manufactured to meet Fontana Unified School District's unique requirements, the local installation crew was directed by SMARTdesks lead engineer (and photographer). The crew worked well together and the assembly was completed within the projected window and budget proposed.

This project began as a quote request, which started a dialog between the project management teams until a full scope technical and budget proposal was agreed upon. After planning the work, we worked the plan to meet or exceed expectations.

To request project design or make a request for information, use the buttons at the top under the logo and let us know what you want to explore.

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Model Numbers | Configurations

  • CLB-1019229MT6F-L185 Collab Table with FIL-18-5, urethane edge, laminate
  • CLB-1019229MT6F-XXX Collab Table (no flipits), urethane edge, laminate
  • CLB-1019229WF5F-L185 Collab Table with FIL-18-5, wood edge, laminate
  • CLB-1019229WF5F-XXX Collab Table (no flipits), wood edge, laminate
  • CLB-1019229-C-L18-5 Collab Table with FIL-18-5, wood edge, veneer
  • CLB-1019229-C-XXX Collab Table (no flipits), wood edge, veneer
  • CLB-1019229-S-L18-5 Collab Table with FIL-18-5, thermofoil
  • CLB-1019229-S-XXX Collab Table (no flipits), thermofoil
  • CLB-1019229-LP-L18-5 Collab Table with FIL-18-5, PVC edge, laminate
  • CLB-1019229-LP-XXX Collab Table (no flipits), PVC edge, laminate
Collab Active Learning Classroom installed at Fontana High School


Collab Brochure for Active learning Classrooms by SMARTdesks

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