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LED Task Lighting for School & Office

LED Task Lighting for School & Office

  • Z-BAR Task Lighting

  • Z-BAR Solo Mini Task Lights

  • Splitty Task Lighting

  • Mosso Pro Task Lighing

  • LADY7 Task Lighing

  • Infinity Task Lighting

  • Horizon Task Lighting

  • Equo Task Lights

  • Element Disc LED Task Light

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LADY7 LED Task Light
Horizon Task Lighting Horizon Task Lighting
Designer LED Desk Task Lighting
Voyage LED Task Light
Piper LED Task Light
Revo LED TAsk light
Amble LED Desk Lamp USB Charging
LED Task Lights & Accent Table Lamp
Element 790 LED Task Light
LED Task Lights for Podiums and Consoles
Classic Podium Light
ANSER LED Task Light
Mr GO LED Lantern & USB Charger Mr GO LED Lantern & USB Charger
Under-Counter LED Strip Lighting, Fluorescent and Lantern
Linear Under-cabinet LED Task Light
Linear Under-cabinet LED Task Light
MLED Under Shelf Task Lighting, Fluorescent
mr GO Lantern
LED Floor Lamps
Generation 2 Adjustable LED Floor Lamp
Equo LED Floor Lamp
Under-Shelf LED Task Lighting
Clique Under Shelf LED Task Lighting
Reed Premier Under Shelf LED Task Lighting
Tuck Under-Shelf Task Lighting
The most important purpose of task lighting in the office is not increasing illuminance, but improving contrast. Many think of task lighting's goal is to increase illuminance to better accomplish a specific activity. Illuminance level is only a factor governing visibility. Contrast is also important—a poorly positioned light source may cause contrast reduction, resulting in reduced visibility. General lighting can be reduced because task lighting provides focused light where needed.
Different strategies for task lighting:
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  • Localized average lighting: a lamp supplies both ambient light and task light
  • Freely adjustable task light such as a gooseneck, balanced-arm lamp, or swing-arm light.
  • Asymmetric task light: the lamp is placed at the side of the work area

Task lamps are also used for many home tasks such as sewing, reading, small repairs, model construction, crafts, writing, and many other activities. The actual task may range from very small up to about as far as you may reach with your hands or available tools. Lighting of larger areas is beyond the scope of task lighting.

Freely adjustable task lights
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The main feature of the freely adjustable task light: one may adjust it freely at any whim or to suit one's needs. A freely adjustable lamp may include means for glare control.

A common form of home task lighting is a goose-neck lamp or swing arm light fixture. The adjustable neck allows light to be focused on the exact task needed, and the swing-arm wall sconces can be positioned next to a bed or chair, and adjusted to shine light on a printed page. Free standing, adjustable desk lamps are commonly used in home office applications.

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