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MLT Series
Laptop Computer Podiums and Lecterns

MLT Series Laptop Podiums are the perfect addition to any Laptop Lab! MLT Series Laptop Podiums support MacBooks, notebooks and PC laptop use.

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MPLEX Multimedia Podiums
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Laptop Computer Podiums provide a compact and secure enclosure for equipment, storage for essential media and supplies, a central location for controls and an ergonomic presentation platform.

Laptop Podium with storage bay for laptop lab use

For added laptop computer security, learn more about the flipIT Laptop Safe.

Laptop Safe can be used as a laptop charging station, lapttop vault, laptop garage

Maximum Laptop Case Dimensions: 16"w x 11.5"d x 2.5" thick. The standard size laptop shown is 13"w x 10.75"d x 2"t.

Convenient Laptop Security
that doesn't get in the way

Keep your laptop safe, right where you work. The flipIT® Laptop Safe permits complete power and data wire management and connectivity when locked, so there is no need for an extra laptop charging cabinet for network updates. This saves valuable class time and stress on your valuable laptops!

This laptop vault keeps your laptop safe, and restricts access to data. For healthcare, this lets you comply with HIPAA §164.310 providing physical safeguards, restricting access to patient information. For Department of Defense and government agencies, flipIT® Laptop Safe meets National Security Guidelines described in the Safety Act of 2002.

Proper ergonomics for the computer classroom! The lid opens to a lower profile than the laptop screen, keeping sight lines unbostructed. It can be used at the podium or at computer tables, sized at the right height for laptop use. The laptop can be brought forward onto the padded bar provided to create a cooling air passage for ventillation under the laptop and to provide a downward keyboard tilt that is easy on the wrists.

Laptop podium with MacBook Pro

Laptop Podium for Laptop Lab use

The MLT Series of laptop computer lecterns and stand-up computer podiums are designed to support laptop and notebook computers on top of the worksurface in a comfortable position for teaching. They all provide a Power/Data Por twith duplex outlet and network connections to make it easy to bring your presentation and data into the classroom.

Laptop Podium showing storage for Laptop Lab use

Each MLT Series Laptop Computer Podium may be designed to meet your specific requirements. The MLT Series is configured with an open single bay or in a double bay format with an auxiliary locking equipment and storage bay and is available in two depths and 4 widths. Doors are on 270° hinges to enable them to fold flat agaist the sides when the lectern is in use.

MLT Series Laptop Computer Podiums are an elegant solution for your classroom and lecture hall offering more options and value for cost-conscious budgets - a perfect combination of utility, economy, and beauty for the modern electronic learning environment.

MacBook on Laptop Podium







This is only a partial list of popular options. . .

A complete illustrated list is accessible for each product using iQuote

casters task light doc cam shelf
power data port key task light
vent fan finish choices apples


A comprehensive menu of options is offered so you can add just the accessories you need to build the perfect platform for multimedia instruction. These specialized options include: Heavy-duty casters, Task lights, Rack-mount rails, Access doors, Power/data ports for laptops, Security solutions, Pullout and flip-up doc-cam and projector shelves, Ventilation fans, and a variety of standard finish options and appearance upgrades.

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These model numbers specify a combination of the Series Letters-Width x Depth x Height-Locking Cabinet.







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