Portapanels Mobile Whiteboards for Schools and Office.  Rolling dry erase board, whiteboard easel of wheels
Mobile dry earase whiteboard in office setting

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Mobile Whiteboards for Office and Schools

PortaPanels Mobile Whiteboards gives presenters everything they need to get their points across. Not only a dry erase easel on wheels, Portapanels portable whiteboards offer storage for markers, erasers and cleaning sprayers, plus areas for posting material with push pins and clips for hanging flip charts.

Perfect for classrooms and corporate think tanks! Choose the design that best suites your presentation needs. Larger PortaPanels function as a room divider!

Mobile whiteboards with accessory panel or slat rail Available mobile or freestanding
Mobile whiteboards have 4 casters, or freestanding base

Model 3SM with desk height accessory rail

Available with whiteboard on both sides, or with tackable fabric on second side. Lower panel can be any core selection. Specified slatwall accessories mount to the rail.

Widths: 30 - 37 - 42 - 49 - 61 - 73

Heights: 54 - 62 - 72


Model 3MM Whiteboard and Organizer

Available with whiteboard on both sides, or with tackable fabric on second side.

Widths: 37 - 49

Heights: 48 - 54 - 62 - 72

Whiteboards can be mobile, with 4 casters, or freestanding.
Accessories for mobile whiteboards for schools

PortaPanels Mobile Whiteboards include an accessoriy rail for mounting optional Marker Tray and Pen Cup.


Optional Flip Chart Clip Set mounts to top rail.


Marker tray accessory for whiteboard easel on wheels
Marker Tray S-WBTR
Upright storage for 6 markers and eraser.
12"W x 2"H x 5"L Metal constructiion, grey powdercoat

S-PC Pen Cup
Pen Cup S-PC
Keep markers and eraser handy.
4"W x 2"H x 3.5"L Frosted finish

FCC Flip Chart Clip Set
.................FCC Flip Chart Clip Set
.................Frosted finish
SMARTdesks PortaPanels logo for Portable Office Panels product line

Choose the core material for the task

  • Fabric choices are tackable and provide acoustic damping.
  • WB and FRZ can be used with dry erase markers.
  • FRO is transluscent to let light pass, but vision is obscured.
  • GCL Clear Glass can be used for "see-thru" marker talks.
Grade A Core Choices WB-(Grade-A)-Whiteboard FRZ-(Grade-A)-Freze-Whiteboard-Polycarbonate Black


Dry Erase-Polycarbonate
MDG-(Grade-A)-Folkstone-Grey F20-Rain F22-Mercury F23-Sulphur F24-Twig F26-River
F20-Rain F22-Mercury F23-Sulphur F24-Twig F26-River
F28-Stone F30-Shadow Origin-Steel Origin-Poppy Origin-Mikan Origin-Malt
F28-Stone F30-Shadow Origin-Steel Origin-Poppy Origin-Mikan Origin-Malt
Origin-Jet Origin-Indigo Origin-Garnet Origin-Gala Origin-Euro Origin-Eureka
Origin-Jet Origin-Indigo Origin-Garnet Origin-Gala Origin-Euro Origin-Eureka
Origin-Eco Origin-Caraway Origin-Bayou Origin-Annatto    
Origin-Eco Origin-Caraway Origin-Bayou Origin-Annatto    

Grade B Core Choices   Grade C Core Choice
FRO-(Grade-B)-Frosted-Acrylic PS-(Grade-B)-Perforated-Steel     GCL-(Grade-C)-clear-glass  



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