Proform Parallel Midback Conference Seating


Our chairs are first and foremost comfortable, but don't take our word for it. Take the tush test and feel for yourself. There's a science behind our proprietary cushion molds that encourages optimal sitting positions. So while others may look similar, they simply don't offer the initial or long-term comfort, you feel from Via.


We believe chairs are the single most important factor that impact health and wellness at work. We also believe ergo chairs don't have to be ugly. We take our responsibility for ergonomics very seriously, it's an art and science we are passionate about. Our chairs are designed with optimum support, intuitive movement and ease of adjustment, and built with quality components. We are driven to deliver the best fit chair for every body type-that's spot on.


Our product development process is driven by sourcing and developing high-quality components. Details like drawstring assembly and hand-steaming of seat fabrics to deliver consistent quality help differentiate us. (Sure it's quicker and cheaper to staple-but that's not how we think.) Our production crew takes enormous pride in their work. Plus, our Forever Warranty™ covers ALL components of your chair- and that includes the "happily ever after". Enough said.

  • Mid Back / Medium Seat
  • Swivel tilt control
  • Weight capacity 300lbs
  • Aluminum loop arm
  • Polished aluminum base
  • Overall dimensions:
    • wide 26"-28"
    • high 36.5" 47.25"
  • Grade 1 Vinyl

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SV-17125C70A5 Proform Parallel Chair

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  • HorizonLine is the technical training infrastructure at Estee Lauder. The designerly space has coordinated neutral walls and desk surfaces, large windows for natural light and upward, indirect color balanced studio lighting-all for ease of color eye and brain interaction. HorizonLine is appointed with flipIT multi-use touchscreen supports, which can be rotated out of the way when computers screens are not needed. the low profile, semi-recessed screens keep sight lines open and unobstructed for optimum interaction and engagement.

  • Single and double user HorizonLine Tables are used to make modular conference tables of different sizes. Multi-use space is made possible by flipIT Laptop Safe, which can instantly close and lock laptops away when not needed. All the while, laptops may be connected to power and data, so separate charging and storage cabinets are not needed. Battery life becomes a non-issue to the proceedings. The use of singles and doubles together allows for alternate room set-ups.

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