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fflipIT DUO multi-Monitor System

flipIT Multi Monitor System:
Dual Monitor, Multi Monitor or Multi Head Monitor refers to the use of multiple display devices, such as CRTs, LCDs, or flat screens, which are used to increase the area available for viewing multiple computer programs and tool palettes running on a single computer system. Dual displays allow for increased work space on the desktop, plus a wider area of vision.

Meet the Dynamic Duo

flipIT DUO multi-Monitor System Using multiple monitors has proven to be an inexpensive way of improving computer usage for power users. Multi monitor setups increase the display area, and are only limited by the size, resolution and number of monitors in the setup. The newer and more powerful graphics cards solve this issue. Dual monitor support is now widely supported on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and on the X Window System. Since computers with dual core CPUs are getting more popular, high-end computer users no longer feel limited to two monitors driven by a single main graphics adapter.
Multi Monitors hidden and secure under desktop using flipIT DUO Dual Monitor System

The flipIT DUO gives you the advantages of Multi-Monitor use, plus the ability to Multi-Purpose the desktop. The Dual Monitors rotate under the desktop and can be secured with an optional locking system. The workstation space can now be used with other media and materials.

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Multi-Monitor Setup with the flipIT Advantages.

For a single user, or a team, the flipIT design offers fatigue-fighting ergonomics: semi-recessed presentation of the displays reduces neck and eye strain. Double-wide keyboard tray permits easy sharing, or seat position shift on-center for each monitor. In a classroom, displays do not become visual obstructions.

2fi-flipIT DUO Dual Monitor System
  The flipIT DUO is now available as an option with HorizonLine Computer Tables, as shown above, and for configurations of PIANO, Piatto, and TRIAD Computer Conference Tables. It is probably best to request a proposal through the Design Center Classroom or Conference Room online forms so you can see a drawing with your proposal.

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