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FP Series - Semi-Recessed LCD Lecterns FI Series - Integrated SR LCD Podium SR Series - Semi-Recessed CRT Lecterns SS Series - Sub-Surface CRT Podium SF Series - Convertible CRT to LCD Lecture Station DT Series - Desktop Monitor Lectern LT Series - Laptop Podiums with Power/Data Port
Select the best monitor configuration for your presentation application.
Computers - LCD, CRT and Laptops - may be incorporated into our MPLEX Multimedia Lecterns, Podiums and Instruction Stations in a variety of ways.
  • Semi-Recessed CRT (SR, SF)
  • Semi-Recessed LCD (FP, SF)
  • flipIT® SR Integrated LCD (FI)
  • Sub-Surface CRT and LCD (SS)
  • LCD monitor Arm (DT)
  • Desktop CRT and LCD (DT)
  • Laptop (LT, All Lecterns w/PDP)

    Ideally, to support most instruction and presentation styles, monitor should be:
  • comfortable for user when stationary
  • visible to speaker while moving
  • Recessed to avoid obstruction
  • able to allow room for texts, notes
  • accessible for instructor input
  • protected from unauthorized access

    Positioning the lectern monitor can now be based upon your computer equipment and specific instructional requirements of your educational facility.

    MPLEX Multimedia Lecterns, Podiums and Instruction Stations are all designed to coordinate with all other SMARTdesks product lines.

  • SR in use  (click to enlarge) Semi-Recessed MPLEX lecterns and podiums (SR, FP, FI, SF) position the monitor just below the presenter's line-of-sight to students, protect equipment, conceal cables and offer ideal user ergonomics for teaching activities
    SS in use (click to enlarge) Sub-Surface MPLEX lecterns and podiums with glass monitor window (SS) or with flipIT® (FI) may be used for notes, books and other purposes when the computer is not needed, secures equipment and assures an unobstructed line-of-sight between instructor and students
    DT in use (click to enlarge) Desktop MPLEX lecterns and podiums hold all monitors (DT) and laptop (LT) computers. The screen is very visible to the instructor which may be rotated toward the audience, but the configuration does not provide an unobstructed sight-line, equipment security or cable protection
    Arm in use (click to enlarge) Desktop MPLEX lecterns and podiums with LCD monitor arm support a highly adjustable view of the screen - for presenter AND students - but may obstruct line-of-sight and provide little protection for the monitor and cables

    All SMARTdesks™ podiums and lecterns offer these standard features:
    • A variety of widths - standard sizes and "special" modifications
    • Two depths to accommodate monitors up to 21" - special modifications available
    • Single and double bay configurations to meet equipment and storage requirements
    • Locking doors with 270 degree swing-away hinges
    • 28"w keyboard/mouse platforms with heavy-duty, full-extension slides with lifetime warranty
    • Integral wire management enables lectern-to-cabinet connections, control clutter, protect cables
    • Many Options - Power/Data Management, Adjustability & Mobility, Task Lighting
    • Standard and Custom Modifications - for security, accessibility and utility
    • Over 10,000 Finish Combinations - selected for durability, low reflectance and compatibility
    • All have the same high quality general construction specifications including high-pressure laminate tops, 3mm PVC protective edge treatment, steel, thru-bolted assembly hardware for durability, etc.
    And, all four configurations offer these benefits:
    • Materials selected for durability and ease of maintenance in a lecture hall or classroom environment
    • Improved ergonomics to accommodate the greatest range of body type and size
    • Equipment location provides an increased level of security and protection
    • Reduction and elimination of cable clutter without limiting access for maintenance
    • Maximized workspace - designed into each monitor configuration

    Sit-Stand Lectern/Desks are another alternative for training environments where a sit-down station is desireable, but a stand-up presentation is called for. Meets all ADA requirements.

    Complete specification and pricing information is available in QQuote.

    Take advantage of the SMARTdesks Design Studio's Free Planning Service. Fill out the Design Questionnaire with room dimensions, number of stations and equipment to be used and we will provide a layout and quote for you at no charge.