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Large-size Multi-Use Computer Classroom and Lab Designs

click to enlarge 1. Design #1200-A. Large Classroom (40' x 30')

NOTE 1: Generally, for a 30" deep computer desk, allow 72" per row - 12" for the keyboard tray and 30" for the chair and space to pass behind it. Footprint may be reduced by as much as 6" but this is not recommended and may result in damage to the chair back.

NOTE 2: Using 30" wide student stations without keyboard trays would permit an additional desk per row plus an additional row in this space - increasing the number of student stations to 60. FP, SR and DT workstations are available without pullout keyboards in 24"h (grade K-4), 26"h (grade 5-8) and 28"h (grade 9-adult) sizes.

click to enlarge 2. Design #1200-B. Large Classroom (40' x 30')
  • 30-36"w stations in five angled rows, 42" center aisle
    (or 10-36"w single desks + 10-72"w double desks)
  • 10-30° angle connectors
  • 1-60"w instructor's station
  • 2-36"w printer/storage cabinets
  • 31 computer task chairs with arm rests
  • Recommended Series (monitor configuration):

NOTE: Angled and curved station rows offer a better view of screened presentations, larger work areas and enhanced classroom interaction. They fill a large space without lack of intimacy or crowding. Allow at least 6' per row.

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