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Rows, clusters, rings, more...
Individual or team computing.

Select furniture and options.
Change the color or the size.
Move the furniture around.

Build the ideal stage to do
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  • Welcome to SMARTdesks Design Studio - In addition to designing classroom, conference room and training center furniture and accessories, the Design Studio assists in the integration of technology and teaching by providing classroom design solutions to improve and enhance and the learning experience.

    Answers to your Classroom Planning Questions:

    SMARTdesks Design Studio provides individualized consultations, classroom floor plans, assistance in locating cable drops and electrical outlets, suggests lighting control and classroom seating options and helps to develop a design complement of colors and finishes. To get assistance and learn more about modern classroom designs from the Design Studio, use the Design Questionnaire.

    Classroom Plans Online

    Classroom Layout for Semi-Recessed LCD desks (click for larger image)   Training Center Design for DEMI Team Computing Tables (click for larger image)   Classroom Design for Sub-Surface CRT desks (click for larger image)   Lecture Hall Design for DLSeminar Computer Tables (click for larger image)

    Classroom Photo of Semi-Recessed LCD desks (click for larger image)   Training Center Photo of DEMI Team Computing Tables (click for larger image)   Classroom Photo of Sub-Surface CRT desks (click for larger image)   Lecture Hall Photo of DLSeminar Computer Tables (click for larger image)

    The learning environment emphasizes what and how you teach by enhancing what and how students learn. View our Design Archives for layout suggestions and examples of floor plans for diverse classroom, training room, computer lab, lecture hall and conference room applications.

    How to Design a Classroom — The SMARTdesks Design Philosophy integrates student, instructor and the physical space with the computer equipment, network, software and furniture. The ideal learning environment combines these seven elements based on the intended goal of the instruction offered.

    SMARTdesks supplies desks, lecterns, storage, seating and accessories to accommodate a broad range of equipment and meet the needs of a wide variety of applications, the primary goal of the Design Studio is to offer a total package that provides an ergonomic interface for all seven main elements that improves and enhances the learning experience.

    Contact SMARTdesks Design Studio to learn more about how to design a classroom to meet budget and educational requirements. We will respond with a conference room, training room, lecture hall or classroom floor plan drawn to your specifications with budget pricing that includes all of the furnishings necessary for the modern classroom, lecture hall, conferencing or training environment.

    Click here for our Client List — Recently completed projects for educational, corporate, healthcare, government and military entities. Contact SMARTdesks to obtain references and an appointment to visit installations in your area.