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SPEX classroom storage furniture:
Your classroom, lecture hall and training center will be neat and uncluttered with SPEX storage cabinets and carts - reducing distractions, theft and damage and improving access and function.

SPEX offers utility and accessibility:
SMARTdesks cabinets and carts provide specialized storage for electronic and video equipment, LCD projectors, computer peripherals and the variety of supplies and media that must remain accessible in the modern multimedia training environment.

SPEX offers an attractive alternative:
Why not get what you really want? Designed to coordinate and align with SMARTdesks computer furniture, SPEX classroom furniture for storage ensures well-designed functional and attractive classrooms.

SPEX offers security with style:
Manual or electronic locking systems and integral wire and cable management secures equipment and software. Sturdy adjustable shelves - available with heavy duty glides to increase access - provide the strength and durability to handle large and cumbersome components.
horizontal network cabinets (click to enlarge) The network is the backbone of interactivity and access to data. SPEX™ LAN Network stations and equipment racks for lecture halls, classrooms and interactive training and conference centers are mobile, functional, accessible AND attractive.
projector cart (click to enlarge) Instruction needs support.
Classroom carts and cabinets need to be mobile and accessible for training sessions to run smoothly. Mobility, adjustable shelves, locking doors and cable management are required features.
printer/storage cabinet (click to enlarge) Students need access, too.
Cabinets and carts for printers, video editing, scanners and equipment for student use must be accessible and accommodate supplies. With integral wire management, SPEX cabinets can be placed where needed.
video monitor tower (click to enlarge) The message is in the media.
By positioning video monitors and projection screens effectively, you get your mesage accross and hold your audience's attention. SPEX video monitor carts and towers protect equipment without limiting visibility.

All SMARTdesks™ SPEX computer furniture for storage and equipment support offer these standard features:
  • Variety of widths, heights and depths to accommodate large equipment or tight spaces
  • Many options for power/data management, adjustability & mobility, task lighting, etc.
  • Standard and Custom Modifications - for security, accessibility and utility
  • Over 10,000 Finish Combinations - selected for durability, low reflectance and compatibility with other SMARTdesks classroom furniture products.
And, all offer these benefits:
  • Materials selected for durability and ease of maintenance in a lecture hall or classroom environment
  • All made with adjustable shelves, durable hinges, drawer slides, hardware and locking systems
  • Specialized equipment and media storage provide an increased level of security and protection
  • Reduction and elimination of cable clutter without limiting access to wiring
  • Easy to maintain top surfaces with choice of edge details

Complete specification and pricing information is available in QQuote.

Please take advantage of the SMARTdesks Design Studio's Free Planning Service. Fill out the Classroom Design Questionnaire with room dimensions, number of students and equipment to be used and we will provide a layout and quote for you at no charge.