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Presentation Furnishings projection Screens, manual, electric tack boards, bulletin boards white boards, marker boards Privacy and Glare control Desktop Privacy Panels Freestanding Privacy Panels Task Lighting, glare control 3M Glare Reduction Filters Ergonomic Accessories Keyboard and mouse platforms, drawers and trays Monitor Arms & Supports Foot Rests, Wrist Rests The right teaching tools for the job

Nothing is more discouraging than to be ill-prepared. Effective lecture halls and classrooms have the right tools when they're needed and where they're used.

SMARTdesks teaching tools are designed to fit your specific requirements and coordinate with our furniture and all meet the same stringent quality standards.

Good visual presentations require correctly-sized projection screens with engineered reflectivity and demand marker boards that erase easily and low-odor pens.

Privacy for computer testing
may be acheived by using portable, free-standing or desk-top privacy panels or polarized monitor privacy filters.

Proper classroom lighting for projected presentations requires that controls are within reach and provisions are made for lighting student tasks.

Effective Training Relies on the Principles of Learning Ergonomics

SMARTdesks Ergonomic Accessories are key components in effective training centers - providing the best possible user interface between students and their computers.
It is proven that comfort and utility work in concert to foster accuracy and increased productivity in the classroom as well as long-term cognitive retention.

In addition to desks and chairs that fit the student to the task at hand, optional ergonomically adjustable accessories - keyboard and monitor arms, wrist, arm and foot rests - can be crucial to intensive computer-based-training.
Cable and Wire Management Wire Access Grommets, Power & Data Ports Power Strips and Controls Wire Ties, Channels and Protectors Access Panels and Doors Security Components Cable Locks Holistic Locking Systems Monitor Shrouds, Laptop drawers, flipIT Kits Locking Drawers and Doors In Wired Classrooms, Wires Rule
Managing connectivity is a major issue facing both the teaching and IT staff. Lost power and broken network cable connections are the cause of many computer problems.

Hiding cables from view and protecting them from damage is only part of the solution. Cables must also remain accessible to permit change-out of equipment and reconfiguration.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that concealing everything not part of the learning experience goes a long way to focus attention on the components - monitor and input devices - that are.

SMARTdesks can provide many of the components you need to organize cables and achieve an uncluttered, low-maintenance, hazard-free learning center.

Securing Equipment and Data
When CRT monitors and CPU cases were first introduced as teaching tools, their cumbersome size and weight were a major deterent to theft.

Light-weight laptops, LCD displays and small-form-factor CPUs are an easier target. SMARTdesks' cable locks are a simple and cost effective solution.

Protecting computer equipment and systems from vandalism, software theft and unauthorized access to data is a much more costly problem and much harder to prevent.

SMARTdesks offers data protection solutions ranging from locking laptop drawers, monitor shrouds and flipIT® Kits to sophisticated electronic locking systems that can limit and track access without affecting user privacy.

Complete specification and pricing information is available in QQuote.

Take advantage of the SMARTdesks Design Studio's Free Planning Service. Fill out the Design Questionnaire with room dimensions, number of stations and equipment to be used and we will provide a layout and quote for you at no charge.